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Sounds appropriate: auditory bricolage and technological appropriation2019 Anthropologie et sociétés 43 (1): 71-93
  • Alexandre Enkerli
H6 [ANTHROPOLOGIE-]0702-8997in special issue 'Sound fields'; English and Spanish summaries
What does 'open data' mean for ethnographic research?2018 American anthropologist 120 (3): 577-82
  • Luis Felipe Rosado Murillo
*H6 [AMERICAN-]0002-7294
A multimodal approach to the Anthropocene2018 American anthropologist 120 (3): 583-95
  • Fiona P. McDonald
  • Jason M. Kelly
*H6 [AMERICAN-]0002-7294
Digital methods for ethnography: analytical concepts for ethnographers exploring social media environments2018 Journal of contemporary ethnography 47 (5): 551-78
  • Alessandro Caliandro
H6/KY [JOURNAL-]0891-2416
AnthroTools: an R package for cross-cultural ethnographic data analysis2017 Cross-cultural research 51 (1): 51-74
  • Alastair Jamieson-Lane
  • Benjamin Grant Purzycki
H6/KF [BEHAVIOR-]1069-3971
What is 'Kariera'? Detecting systems and overlap in Australian kinship using rthe AustKin database2017 Oceania 87 (2): 188-208
  • Patrick McConvell
  • Rachel Hendery
H6/KX [OCEANIA-]0029-8077in special issue 'Reimagining Oceania through critical junctures'
Towards a digital architecture of reflexive ethnographic data2017 Ethnography 18 (3): 287-94
  • Florence Weber
H6/KF [ETHNOGRAPHY-]1466-1381in thematic section on the verification of ethnographic data
Big data and anthropology: concerns for data collection in a new research context2016 Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford (NS) 8 (1): 74-88
  • Justin Lane
H6/KF [OXFORD-]2040-1876in special issue 'The ethics of anthropology in emergencies'
'Uurga shig' - what is it like to be a lasso? Drawing figure -ground reversals between art and anthropology2016 Journal of material culture 21 (4): 405-28
  • Hermione Spriggs
H6/KF [JOURNAL-]1359-1835
Seeing into hearts and minds. Part 1. The Pentagon's quest for a 'social radar'2015 Anthropology today 31 (3): 8-13
  • Roberto J. González
Seeing into hearts and minds. Part 2. 'Big data', algorithms, and computational counterinsurgency2015 Anthropology today 31 (4): 13-18
  • Roberto J. González
Here, there, and everywhere: Leviathan and the digital future of observational ethnography2015 Visual anthropology review 31 (1): 12-19
  • Ohad Landesman
H6 [PROGRAM-]1053-7147in special issue 'Leviathan'; with colour plates from the film Leviathan, 54-61
'His eyes are like the rays of dawn': color vision and embodiment in Leviathan2015 Visual anthropology review 31 (1): 20-6
  • Eirik Frisvold Hanssen
H6 [PROGRAM-]1053-7147in special issue 'Leviathan'; with colour plates from the film Leviathan, 54-61
Ruse et combinatoire tsiganes. De la modélisation informatique dans le répertoires musicaux traditionnels2014 L'Homme 211: 117-28
  • Marc Chemiller
H6 [HOMME-]0439-4216
La apertura del archivo etnográfico2014 Anales del Museo Nacional de Antropología 16: 10-27
  • Adolfo Estalella
H6/KVE [ANALES-]1135-1853in thematic issue 'Antropología visual'; English summary
The integrative dam assessment model: reflections from an anthropological perspective2013 Practicing anthropology 35 (1): 4-7
  • Bryan Tilt
  • Edwin Schmitt
qH6 [PRACTICING-]0888-4552in thematic section 'Computer modeling in anthropological research'; with introduction by I Skoggard, 2-3
Using the forest, people, fire agent-based social network model to investigate interactions in social-ecological systems2013 Practicing anthropology 35 (1): 8-13
  • A. Paige Fischer
  • Adam Korejwa
  • Christine Olsen
  • Jennifer Koch
  • Thomas Spies
qH6 [PRACTICING-]0888-4552in thematic section 'Computer modeling in anthropological research'; with introduction by I Skoggard, 2-3
Doing it digitally: methodological tensions in online ethnography2013 Irish journal of anthropology 16 (1): 47-53
  • Anthony Kelly
H6/KVC [IRISH-]1393-8592
Reducing mortality rate of traditional male circumcision through the use of information and communication technology (ICT) in South Africa2013 Oriental anthropologist 13 (2): 281-92
  • Alfred Coleman
*H6/KF [ORIENTAL-]0972-558X
Seeking the analytic imagination: reflections on the process of interpreting qualitative data2013 Qualitative research 13 (5): 562-77
  • Allison James
H6 [QUALITATIVE-]1468-7941
The anthropology of an equation. Sieves, spam filters, agentive algorithms, and ontologies of transformation2013 Hau 3 (3): 33-61
  • Paul Kockelman
2049-1115French summary
Computer models and applications for the management of anthropological data2011 Journal of anthropological science: Rivista di Antropologia 89: 195-9
  • Antonio Fornaciari
  • Francesco Coschino
  • Simona Minozzi
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0085-5723
Tools which simulate the evolution of uno-parentally transmitted elements of the human genome2011 Journal of anthropological science: Rivista di Antropologia 89: 201-19
  • Davide Merlitti
  • Giorgio Paoli
  • Luca Taglioli
  • Sergio Tofanelli
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0085-5723
The integration of digital terrain visualization in ethnography: the historic village of Belkofski, Alaska2011 Visual anthropology 24 (5): 455-67
  • Andrew Kliskey
  • Lilian Alessa
  • Liza Mack
  • Sean Mack
*H6 [VISUAL-]0894-9468
The speed and accuracy of voice recognition software-assisted transcription versus the listen-and-type method: a research note2011 Qualitative research 11 (1): 91-7
  • Brian Edward Johnson
H6 [QUALITATIVE-]1468-7941
Coherent labyrinths2011 Visual anthropology review 27 (1): 1-20
  • Peter Biella
H6 [PROGRAM-]1053-7147
Ethnomuse: multimedia digital archive of Slovenian folk song, music, and dance collections2010 Traditiones: acta Instituti Ethnographiae Slovenorum 39 (2): 149-66
  • Gregor Strle
  • Matija Marolt
H6/KVP [TRADITIONES-]0352-0447English summary
Digit ratios (2D:4D) determined by computer-assisted analysis are more reliable than those using physical measurements, photocopies and printed scans2009 American journal of human biology 21 (3): 365-70
  • Heather C. Allaway
  • Marla E. Lujan
  • Roger A. Piersopn
  • Terri G. Bloski
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]1042-0533
Improving the spatial orientation of human teeth using a virtual 3D approach2009 Journal of human evolution 56 (3): 286-93
  • Francesca De Crescenzio
  • Franco Persiani
  • Massimiliano Fantini
  • Stefano Benazzi
H6/HB [JOURNAL-]0047-2484
Kinship under the microscope: a new software for the analysis of matrimonial networks2009 L'Homme 191: 107-37
  • Cyril Grange
  • Klaus Hamberger
  • Michael Houseman
H6 [HOMME-]0439-4216English summary
Developing the AGTA demographic database: a computer scientist's adventure into the world of archaeology2009 Practicing anthropology 31 (4): 38-42
  • Ray T. Uehara
qH6 [PRACTICING-]0888-4552in special issue 'Visualizing change: participatory digital technologies in research and action'
An anthropologist in the world of revolution2009 Anthropology today 25 (6): 24-5
  • Keith Hart
Superimposition and face reconstruction - SP 506/87 A.B.2009 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Srbije 44: 277-86
  • Šandor Takač
  • Vladimir Pilija
H6/KVP [ANTROPOLOSKOGI-]1820-7936English summary
ICTs' doings in ethnographic research practices2009 Ethnologia scandinavica 39: 54-66
  • Morten Krogh Petersen
H6/KVT [FOLKLIV-]0348-9698
Digital cultural heritage engagement. A new research field for ethnology2009 Ethnologia scandinavica 39: 67-81
  • Dagny Stuedahl
H6/KVT [FOLKLIV-]0348-9698
A new website for the Society for Visual Anthropology: American anthropologist 111 (3): 387-94
  • Craig Campbell
  • Kate Hennessy
*H6 [AMERICAN-]0002-7294
Bibliography of Polish ethnography on the Internet: remarks after two years of operation2008 Lud 92: 265-72
  • Inga Kuźma
H6/KVM [LUD-]0076-1435
On the edge2008 Etnologické rozpravy 1: 142-7
  • Soňa Lutherová
H6/KVL [ETNOLOGICKE-]1335-5074English summary
After the first thousand: report on the creation of the electronic catalogue of picture-documents in the IE SAS2008 Slovenský národopis 56 (4): 445-66
  • Katarína Popelková
H6/KVL [SLOVENSKY-]1335-1303
First report on the project APVV 'Traditional Culture of Slovakia as a part of the Cultural Heritage of Europe'2008 Slovenský národopis 56 (4): 467-8
  • Daniel Luther
H6/KVL [SLOVENSKY-]1335-1303
Comment structurer un hypermédia pour étudier un œuvre de littérature orale2008 Cahiers de litterature orale (63-64): 305-17
  • Anne-Marie Sauphin-Tinturier
H6/KF [CAHIERS-]0396-891Xin special issue 'Pratiques d'enquêtes'; English summary
Using NVivo with grounded theory and other qualitative methods2008 Practicing anthropology 30 (1): 22-6
  • Elizabeth S. EnglandKennedy
qH6 [PRACTICING-]0888-4552in thematic section 'Extreme makeover: the ethnographic edition'
The art of Narritjin Maymuru2008 Visual anthropology 21 (1): 88-90
  • Ruth Tringham
*H6 [VISUAL-]0894-9468review on CD-ROM The art of Narritjin Maymuru by H Morphy, P Deveson, K Hayne (Canberra: AUNU Centre for Cross-Cultural Research, 2005)
Ethnogenetic layering (EL): an alternative to the traditional race model in human variation and health disparity studies2008 Annals of human biology 35 (2): 121-44
  • F. L. C. Jackson
H6/HB [ANNALS-]0301-4460
Ethnogenetic layering (EL): an alternative to the traditional race model in human variation and health disparity studies2008 Annals of human biology 35 (3): 362
  • F.L.C. Jackson
H6/HB [ANNALS-]0301-4460in Ann hum Biol 2008, 35(2):121-44; erratum
The electronic catalogue of Wollman's archives2007 Národopisná revue 1: 39-49
  • Juraj Zajonc
  • Katarína Popelková
H6/KVL [NARODOPISNE-]8062-8351English summary
Superimposition (SP 60/40 M.N.)2007 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Jugoslavije 42: 179-95
  • Takač Šandor
H6/KVP [ANTROPOLOSKOGI-]0351-1480English summary
Superimposition (SP 123/85 Š. K.)2007 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Jugoslavije 42: 197-210
  • Takač Šandor
H6/KVP [ANTROPOLOSKOGI-]0351-1480English summary
Spectrophotometry: what do we know today on skin pigmentation research2006 Česká antropologie 56: 143-5
  • Dariusz Wieliński
  • Urszula Czerniak
Review of TAMS analyzer (Macintosh version)2005 Field Methods 17 (3): 321-8
  • Bill Warters
HI/KFB [CAM-]1525-822Xin special issue 'Advances in ethnobiological field methods'