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Expanding the Kachemak: surplus production and the development of multi-season storage in Alaska's Kodiak archipelago2006 Arctic anthropology 343 (2): 93-129
  • Amy E. Steffian
  • Patrick G. Salonstall
  • Robert E. Kopperl
*H6 [ARCTIC-]0066-6939in monographic issue in honour of Frederica de Laguna; with bibliography by R Mason, SA Caplan, and K Clifford, 7-12
'Only a skin boat load or two': the role of migration in Kodiak prehistory1992 Arctic anthropology 29 (1): 2-17
  • D W Clark
Affinities of prehistoric and modern Kodiak islanders and the question of Kachemak-Koniag biological continuity1992 Arctic anthropology 29 (2): 150-66
  • G R Scott
Mortuary practices of the late Kachemak tradition in southcentral Alaska: a perspective from the Crag Point site, Kodiak island1992 Arctic anthropology 29 (2): 130-49
  • J J K Simon
Archaeological coal in the Gulf of Alaska: a view from Kodiak island1992 Arctic anthropology 29 (2): 111-29
  • A F Steffian
Evolution of subsistence in the Kachemak tradition: evaluating the north Pacific maritime stability model1992 Arctic anthropology 29 (2): 167-81
  • D R Yesner