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Rib anomalies in a neolithic period skeleton from Croatia2017 Anthropologischer Anzeiger 74 (2): 123-30
  • Maja Krznarić Škrivanko
  • Petra Rajić Šikanjić
  • Zrinka Premužić
Uncertain futures at life's beginning. The social construction of a child under the conditions of a prenatally diagnosed malformation2017 Tsantsa (22): 57-67
  • Bernd Marquardt
  • Dominik Feith
H6/KF [TSANTSA-]1420-7834in special issue 'Ungewisse Zukünfte. Futurs incertains'; English summary
Non-genetic risk factors for early and late age at menarche in Eastern Ukrainian females2017 Anthropologischer Anzeiger 74 (1): 45-56
  • Anna Yermachenko
  • Iryna Moglievkina
  • Olena Getsko
  • Vitaliy G. Gurianov
  • Volodymyr Dvornyk
Longitudinal growth dynamics of term symmetric and asymmetric small for gestational age infants2017 Anthropologischer Anzeiger 74 (1): 25-37
  • Anil Kumar Bhalla
  • Harvinder Kaur
  • Praveen Kumar
'Are we going to stand by and let these children come into the world?': the impact of the 'thalidomide disaster' in South Africa, 1960-19772015 Journal of southern African studies 41 (4): 735-52
  • Julie Parle
  • Susanne M. Klausen
H6/KY [JOURNAL-]0305-7070in special issue 'Science and scandal in South Africa'
Two hyperostotic non-metric traits, caroticoclinoid foramen and pterygospinous foramen, which appear at an early developmental stage in the human cranium2013 Anthropological Science 121 (2): 123-30
  • Akio Kuraoka
  • Yoshinori Kawakubo
  • Yukio Dodo
H6/KWV [ZINRUIGAKU-]0918-7960
A re-analysis of the long-term effects on life expectancy of the great Finnish famine of 1866-682013 Population studies 67 (3): 309-22
  • Gabriele Doblhammer
  • Gerard J. van den Berg
  • L.H. Lumey
H6/HB [POPULATION-]0032-4728
Mother's trauma during pregnancy affects fluctuating asymmetry in offspring's face2013 Anthropologischer Anzeiger 70 (4): 427-37
  • Anna Spinek
  • Elżbieta Żądzińska
  • Marta Kurek
  • Sławomir Kozieł
Pax proteins in embryogenesis and their role in nervous system development2013 Papers on anthropology 22: 133-42
  • Aimar Namm
  • Andres Arend
  • Marina Aunapuu
H6/HB [PAPERS-]1406-0140
Body composition and basal metabolic rate in pregnant women2013 Anthropological Review: the official publication of the Polish anthropological Society 76 (2): 163-71
  • Deepali Verma
  • Satwanti Kapoor
  • Shaila Bhardwaj
H6/KVM [PRZEGLAD-]1898-6773
Lowland origin women raised at high altitude are not protected against lower uteroplacental O2 delivery during pregnancy or reduced birth weight2011 American journal of human biology 23 (4): 509-16
  • Colleen G. Julian
  • Enrique Vargas
  • Jennifer L. Hageman
  • Lorna G. Moore
  • Megan J. Wilson
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]1042-0533
Relevance of MPAs total score to sex, age of onset of schizophrenia and season of birth2011 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Srbije 46: 357-67
  • Elizabeta Dadić Nikoloska
  • Kristina Pavlovska
  • Lidija Todorovska
  • Ljudmila Efremovska
  • Vesela Maleska Ivanovska
H6/KVP [ANTROPOLOSKO-]1820-7936English summary
Evidence for the intra-uterine programming of adiposity in later life2011 Annals of human biology 38 (4): 410-28
  • Caroline H.D. Fall
H6/HB [ANNALS-]0301-4460in special section 'Intergenerational and familial influences on obesity and related conditions: 52nd symposium of the Society for the Study of Human Biology'
Prevention of fetal alcohol damage in northern Native communities: a practical school-based approach2010 The northern review 32: 35-61
  • David Gilliam
  • Judith Kleinfeld
  • Steven Jacquier
*H6/KUB [NORTHERN-]0835-3433
Maternal serotonin is crucial for murine embryonic development2010 Annales de la Fondation Fyssen : 89-94
  • Jacques Mallet
*H6 [ANNALES-]0980-157Xin special issue 'Fyssen Foundation: 30th years anniversary'
Morbid obesity: pregnancy risks, birth risks and status of the newborn2010 Homo 61 (1): 64-72
  • Manfred Voigt
  • Michael Hermanussen
  • Ursula Wittwer-Backofen
  • Volker Briese
H6/HB [HOMO-]0018-442X
Influence of the mother's preceding pregnancies on fetal development and postnatal survival of the neonate, in normal pregnancy: an immunological phenomenon?2010 American journal of human biology 22 (5): 708-15
  • C.J.G. Mackenzie
  • Michael C. Vernier
  • Michael Schulzer
  • Pierre R. Vernier
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]1042-0533
Anatomy and growth of the vocal tract from fetus to 5 years2010 Biométrie humaine et anthropologie 28 (3-4): 65-73
  • Guillaume Barbier
  • Guillaume Captier
  • Louis-Jean Boë
H6/HB [BIOTYPOLOGIE-]1279-7863English summary
Histochemistry of the placenta: deeper understanding of molecular processes, having a possible impact on the physical development of the foetus2010 Papers on anthropology 19: 230-42
  • D. Rezeberga
  • I. Kreicberga
  • M. Pilmane
H6/HB [PAPERS-]1406-0140
Fluctuating asymmetry of dermatoglyphics in individuals with congenital heart disease2010 Acta anthropologica sinica 29 (3): 270-81
  • Hui-jun Zhong
  • Jie Dang
  • Xia Li
  • Yong-sheng Zhu
  • Zheng-hao Huo
H6/HB [ACTA-]1000-3139English summary
Development of the human hind limb and its importance for the evolution of bipedalism2010 Evolutionary anthropology 19 (5): 174-86
  • Christine Tardieu
H6/HB [EVOLUTIONARY-]1060-1538
Effect of seasonal programming on fetal development and longevity: links with environmental temperature2009 American journal of human biology 21 (2): 214-16
  • Andreas D. Flouris
  • Giorgos J. Sakellariou
  • Yiannis Koutedakis
  • Yiannis Spiropoulos
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]1042-0533
Low birth weight of contemporary African Americans: an intergenerational effect of slavery?2009 American journal of human biology 21 (1): 16-24
  • Grazyna Jasienska
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]1042-0533
Comparing indirect methods of digit ratio (2D:4D) measurement2009 American journal of human biology 21 (2): 188-91
  • Andreas Schwerdtfeger
  • Christoph J. Kemper
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]1042-0533
Digit ratio (2D:4D) and sprinting speed in boys2009 American journal of human biology 21 (2): 210-13
  • J. T. Manning
  • M. R. Hill
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]1042-0533
Darwin's gemmules and development2009 The Anthropologist 11 (1): 1-5
  • A. I. Ibraimov
Malaria during pregnancy in endemic areas: a lens for examining maternal-fetal conflict2009 American journal of human biology 21 (5): 643-50
  • Elizabeth T. Abrams
  • Steven R. Meshnick
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]1042-0533in special issue 'Symposium in honor of A. Roberto Frisancho'
Birth-weight-specific infant and neonatal mortality: effects of heterogeneity in the birth cohort2009 Human biology 81 (5-6): 753-72
  • Timothy B. Gage
H6/HB [HUMAN-]0018-7143in special issue in honor of th 80th anniversary of Human Biology: The Gabriel W. Lasker Award winners, 1992-2008
Update to Gage's 'Birth-weight-specific infant and neonatal mortality' (2002)2009 Human biology 81 (5-6): 773-6
  • Timothy B. Gage
H6/HB [HUMAN-]0018-7143in special issue in honor of th 80th anniversary of Human Biology: The Gabriel W. Lasker Award winners, 1992-2008
Case report: patent mandibular symphysis with congenital absence and ankyloglossia2009 Dental anthropology 22 (2): 52-6
  • Ann S. Smith
  • Edward F. Harris
H1/HCCT [DENTAL-]1096-9411
Down's syndrome live births in England and Wales: the effect of the National Fetal Anomaly Screening Programme2008 Genus 14 (3/4): 91-7
  • Joan Katherine Morris
H6/HB [GENUS-]0016-6987in special section 'Late fertility and child development'
Prenatal sex detection in the perspective of Skewed sex ratio2008 International journal of anthropology 23 (1-2): 61-73
  • Seth S.
A subordinate status position increases the present value of financial resources for low 2D:4D men2008 American journal of human biology 20 (1): 110-15
  • Kobe Millet
  • Siegfried Dewitte
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]1042-0533
A fingerprint characteristic associated with the early prenatal environment2008 American journal of human biology 20 (1): 59-65
  • Aryeh D. Stein
  • Henry S. Kahn
  • Ian W. McKeague
  • Mariaelisa Graff
  • Patricia A. Zybert
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]1042-0533
A possible link between the pubertal growth of girls and ovarian cancer in their daughters2008 American journal of human biology 20 (6): 659-62
  • Clive Osmond
  • David J. Barker
  • Eero Kajantie
  • Johan Eriksson
  • Kent L. Thornburg
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]1042-0533
Endurance running and digit ratio (2D:4D): implications for fetal testosterone effects on running speed and vascular health2007 American journal of human biology 19 (3): 416-21
  • John T. Manning
  • Laura Morris
  • Noreen Caswell
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]1042-0533
When heartless babies are disposable tissue. Maternal reactions to acardiac twinning2007 Tsantsa (12): 93-103
  • Deborah Blizzard
1420-7834in thematic section 'Maternités extra-ordinaires - In anderen Umständen'
Early life influences on adult leg and trunk length in the 1958 British birth cohort2007 American journal of human biology 19 (6): 836-43
  • Alan D. Dangour
  • Chris Power
  • Leah Li
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]1042-0533
The sex ratio and age-specific male mortality: evidence for culling in utero2007 American journal of human biology 19 (6): 763-73
  • Ralph Catalano
  • Tim Bruckner
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]1042-0533
The study of human fetal developmetn regularities2006 International journal of anthropology 21 (1-4): 119-30
  • K. Cieslik
Male lifespan and the secondary sex ratio2006 American journal of human biology 18 (6): 783-90
  • Ralph Catalano
  • Tim Bruckner
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]1042-0533
Two hypotheses on the causes of male homosexuality and paedophilia2006 Journal of biosocial science 38 (6): 745-61
  • William H. James
H6/HB [JOURNAL-]0021-9320
Functions of corticotropin-releasing hormone in anthropoid primates: from brain to placenta2006 American journal of human biology 18 (4): 431-47
  • Jay Schulkin
  • Michael L. Power
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]1042-0533
Smoking during pregnancy and components of stature in offspring2006 American journal of human biology 18 (4): 502-12
  • ALSPAC Study Team
  • Andy Ness
  • George Davey Smith
  • Sam Leary
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]1042-0533
At the back stage of prenatal care: Japanese ob-gyns negotiating prenatal diagnosis2006 Medical anthropology quarterly (New Series) 20 (4): 441-68
  • Tsipy Ivry
H6/KGT [MEDICAL-]0745-5194
A possible link between prenatal exposure to famine and breast cancer: a preliminary study2006 American journal of human biology 18 (6): 853-6
  • C. Osmond
  • D. J. P. Barker
  • P. M. M. Bossuyt
  • R. C. Painter
  • S. R. De Rooij
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]1042-0533
Ancient origins of human developmental plasticity2005 American Journal of Human Biology 17 (1): 44-54
  • Erica J. Crespi
  • Robert J. Denver
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]1042-0533
Fetal origins of developmental plasticity: are fetal cues reliable predictors of future nutritional environments ?2005 American journal of human biology 17 (1): 5-21
  • Christopher W. Kuzawa
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]1042-0533
Fetal programming: adaptive life-history tactics or making the best of a bad start ?2005 American journal of human biology 17 (1): 22-33
  • James Holland Jones
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]1042-0533
Fetal origins of developmental plasticity: animal models of induced life history variation2005 American journal of human biology 17 (1): 34-43
  • Teresa H. Horton
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]1042-0533
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