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Urban climate change, livelihood vulnerability and narratives of generational responsibility in Jinja, Uganda2018 Africa 88 (1): 11-37
  • Chen Liu
  • Gill Valentine
  • Katie McQuaid
  • Lily Chen
  • Robert M. Vanderbeck
H6/KY [AFRICA-]0001-9720in special section 'Landscapes and livelihoods'; French summary
Environmental pollution in urban environments and human biology2003 Annual review of anthropology 32: 111-34
  • Lawrence M. Schell
  • Melinda Denham
On effective climatological information for architects and settlement planners in Africa1990 African urban quarterly 5: 3-8
  • Y R Adebayo
Periscoping the problem of documenting the city artifacts for the studies of urban microclimatology in the less developed world: the Ibadan experience1990 African urban quarterly 5: 14-24
  • Y R Adebayo
Reduction of urban heat island effects: a case study of Nima, Ghana1990 African urban quarterly 5: 91-5
  • Y Asante
A general view of atmospheric pollution in Dar es Salaam city, Tanzania1990 African urban quarterly 5: 29-38
  • W P Ezaza
Urban design for hot dry regions1990 African urban quarterly 5: 118-21
  • B Givoni
The problem of atmospheric pollution in African cities1990 African urban quarterly 5: 25-8
  • J K Ng'ang'a
Urban planning and building design for urban centers in the humid tropics1990 African urban quarterly 5: 96-103
  • S Nieuwolt
Data storage and retrieval for urban and building climatology in Africa1990 African urban quarterly 5: 9-13
  • O O Ogunsote
Climatology and building design in west Africa1990 African urban quarterly 5: 104-17
  • J S Oguntoyinbo
Aspects of the urban climate of Lagos, Nigeria1990 African urban quarterly 5: 76-90
  • O Ojo
The influence of urbanization on atmospheric circulation in Nairobi, Kenya1990 African urban quarterly 5: 69-75
  • R E Okoola