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American world visions of vulnerability: the sacred, the secular, and roots of Evangelical American aid2019 Research in economic anthropology 38: 199-222
  • Kari B. Henquinet
H6/KF [RESEARCH-]0190-1281in thematic issue 'Individual and social adaptations to human vulnerability'
"Penzotti's pathways". Protestant missions in South American and the building of secularism2019 Iberoamericana 19 (70): 157-79
  • Paula Seiguer
H6/KUL [IBEROAMERICANA-]1577-3388English summary
Experts beyond discourse: women, Islamic authority, and the performance of professionalism in Malaysia2019 American ethnologist 46 (2): 162-75
  • David Kloos
H6 [AMERICAN-]0094-0496Malay summary
Preaching with images in the late middle ages2019 Archives de sciences sociales des religions 64 (187): 27-48
  • Marie-Anne Polo de Beaulieu
H6/KFO [ARCHIVES-]0335-5985in special issue 'Des techniques pour croire'; English and Spanish summaries
Imams - involvement in promoting gender equity in Mumbai, India2018 Anthropologie et sociétés 42 (1): 227-52
  • Abdelwahed Mekki-Berrada
  • Stephen L. Schensul
H6 [ANTHROPOLOGIE-]0702-8997in thematic issue 'Women and Muslim subjectivisations'; English and Spanish summaries
Arabist preachers in Dakar and Ouagadogou: inseparable logics of individualization and individuation2018 Anthropologie et sociétés 42 (1): 205-26
  • Muriel Gomez-Perez
H6 [ANTHROPOLOGIE-]0702-8997in thematic issue 'Women and Muslim subjectivisations'; English and Spanish summaries
Conversion anxieties: policing Christian behaviour in late antique Antioch and Hippo2018 Archives de sciences sociales des religions 63 (182): 99-116
  • Neil B. McLynn
H6/KFO [ARCHIVES-]0335-5985in thematic issue 'Signes et scènes de la conversion dans l'espace public (antiquité - période moderne)'; French and Spanish summary
Radical change in Zambia's Christian ecumenism2018 Journal of southern African studies 44 (2): 331-43
  • Hermen Kroesbergen
H6/KY [JOURNAL-]0305-7070in special issue 'Grassroots ecumenism in conflict'
Television is not radio: theologies of mediation in the Egyptian Islamic revival2018 Cultural anthropology 33 (2): 233-65
  • Yasmin Moll
H6 [CULTURAL-]0886-7356
Pentecostal pastorhood as calling and career: migration, religion, and masculinity between Kenya and United Kingdom2018 Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (New Series) 24 (4): 749-66
  • Leslie Fesenmeyer
H6 [JOURNAL-]1359-0987French summary
The language of Evangelism: Christian cultures of circulation beyond missionary prologue2018 Annual review of anthropology 47: 149-65
  • Courtney Handman
H1 [BIENNIAL-]0084-6570
Young Islamic preachers on Facebook: Peantren As'adiyah and its engagement with social media2018 Indonesia and the Malay world 46 (134): 44-60
  • Wahyuddin Halim
H6/KX [INDONESIA-]1363-9811in special issue 'Practising Islam through social media in Indonesia'
The art of dakwah: social media, visual persuasion and the Islamist propagation of Felix Siauw2018 Indonesia and the Malay world 46 (134): 61-79
  • Wai Weng Hew
H6/KX [INDONESIA-]1363-9811in special issue 'Practising Islam through social media in Indonesia'
Expanding religion and Islamic morality in Turkey: the role of Diyant's women preachers2018 Anthropology of the Middle East 13 (2): 43-60
  • Chiara Maritato
*H6/KW [ANTHRO-]1746-0719in special issue 'Rethinking power in Turkey through everyday practices'
Space, perspective and public preaching. Reconstructing the role and functionality of public squares in the Latin levant: the case of Famagusta (northern Cyprus)2018 Material religion 14 (4): 500-19
  • Tomasz Borowskia
H6/KFO [MATERIAL-]1743-2200in special issue 'Material religion in the crusading world'
Environmental change and chamanization of new religious practices among Yánesha people (Peruvian eastern slopes)2018 Bulletin de l’Institut Français d’Etudes andines 47 (3): 313-33
  • Céline Valadeau
H6/KUL [INSTITUT-]0303-7495in thematic issue 'Buscando un dios. Evangelización y transformación política entre los pueblos indígenas amazónicos'; English and French summaries
The process of Jesus' deification and cognitive dissonance theory2017 Numen 64 (2-3): 119-52
  • Fernando Bermejo-Rubio
H6/KFO [NUMEN-]0029-5973
"The roar of thunder and the sweetness of a women": gender construction and ritualized acts in late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century American revivalism2017 Journal of ritual studies 31 (1): 27-41
  • Leah Payne
H6/KFO [JOURNAL-]0990-1112
Illuminating the divine: the magic lantern and religious pedagogy in the USA, ca. 1870-19202017 Material religion 13 (3): 275-300
  • Sarah C. Schaefer
H6/KFO [MATERIAL-]1743-2200
Introduction: Sermon in the city: Christian and Islamic preaching in West Africa2017 Journal of religion in Africa 47 (1): 1-8
  • Abdoulaye Sounaye
  • Birgit Meyer
H6/KFO [JOURNAL-]0022-4200in special issue
Salafi aesthetics: preaching among the Sunnance in Niamey, Niger2017 Journal of religion in Africa 47 (1): 9-41
  • Abdoulaye Sounaye
H6/KFO [JOURNAL-]0022-4200in special issue 'Sermon in the city: Christian and Islamic preaching in West Africa'
The pedagogies of preaching: skill, performance, and charisma in a Pentecostal Bible school from Ghana2017 Journal of religion in Africa 47 (1): 72-107
  • Bruno Reinhardt
H6/KFO [JOURNAL-]0022-4200in special issue 'Sermon in the city: Christian and Islamic preaching in West Africa'
Oral transmission of the sacred: preaching in Christ Embassy and NASFAT in Abuja2017 Journal of religion in Africa 47 (1): 108-31
  • Murtala Ibrahim
H6/KFO [JOURNAL-]0022-4200in special issue 'Sermon in the city: Christian and Islamic preaching in West Africa'
Sermons as practical and linguistic performances: insights from theory and history2017 Journal of religion in Africa 47 (1): 132-44
  • Abdulkader Tayob
H6/KFO [JOURNAL-]0022-4200in special issue 'Sermon in the city: Christian and Islamic preaching in West Africa'
A hand on the screen. Pentecostalism and the experience of television "touch"2017 Gradhiva: revue de anthropology et museologie 26: 23-45, 234
  • Damien Mottier
H6 [GRADHIVA-]0764-8928in thematic issue 'En croire ses sens'; English summary
Caught on camera2017 Public culture 29 (3): 493-514
  • Kevin Lewis O'Neill
H6/KF [PUBLIC-]0899-2363
'Aber Hocam ...' - Imame und die Aushandlung islamischer Autorität im Alltag von Schweizer Moscheen2017 Zeitschrift für Ethnologie 142 (1): 67-92
  • Dominik Müller
H6 [ZEITSCHRIFT-]0044-2666English summary
The dynamics and digitisation of religious testimonies: a case of prophetic ministries in Botswana2017 Anthropology Southern Africa 40 (1/2): 85-95
  • Gabriel Faimau
*H6 [SOUTH-]2332-3256
African pastors and the religious (re)production of a visual culture2017 Etnográfica: revista do Centro de Estudos de Antropologia Social 21 (3): 463-77
  • Rafael Cazarin
H6 [ETNOGRAFICA-]0873-6561Portuguese summary
Theo-urbanism: pastoral power and Pentecostals in Johannesburg2017 Culture and religion 18 (3): 232-62
  • Obvious Katsaura
H6/KFO [SCOTTISH-]1475-5610
Activities of Father Nikolaj Velimirović in Great Britain during the Great War2017 Balcanica 48: 143-90
  • Slobodan G. Markovich
H6/KVO [BALCANICA-]0350-7653in thematic section 'Modern and contemporary history'
'Mboka Mundele': Africanity, religious pluralism and the militarization of prophets in Brazzaville and Kinshasa2016 Africa 86 (2): 195-214
  • Joseph Tonda
  • Sarah Demart
H6/KY [AFRICA-]0001-9720French summary
Fake religions, politics and ironic fandom: the Church of the SubGenus, Zontar and American televangelism2016 Culture and religion 17 (2): 129-47
  • Denis J. Bekkering
H6/KFO [SCOTTISH-]1475-5610
Practices and narratives of breakthrough: Pentecostal representations, the quest for success, and liberation from bondage2016 Journal of religion in Africa 46 (1): 32-66
  • Primus M. Tazanu
H6/KFO [JOURNAL-]0022-4200
Diagramming the will: ethics and prayer, text, and politics2016 Ethnos 81 (4): 712-34
  • Jon Bialecki
H6 [ETHNOS-]0014-1844
Patriarchal masculinity in recent Swahili-language Muslim sermons2016 Journal of religion in Africa 46 (2-3): 158-86
  • Felicitas Becker
H6/KFO [JOURNAL-]0022-4200in special issue 'Religion and masculinities in Africa'
Afterword: a view from African cities2016 ANUAC: rivista della Società Italiana di Antropologia Culturale 5 (1): 225-43
  • Pino Schirripa
0210-5810in thematic section 'Religions and cities. Emerging approaches in urban anthropology'; English summary
"Pants don't make preachers": fashion and gender construction in late-nineteenth an early-twentieth-century American revivalism2015 Fashion theory 19 (1): 83-113
  • Leah Payne
H6/KFY [FASHION-]1362-704X
Babu wa Loliondo - healing the tension between Tanzanian worlds2015 Journal of religion in Africa 45 (1): 3-36
  • Mika Vähäkangas
H6/KFO [JOURNAL-]0022-4200
A society divided: death, personhood, and Christianity in Auhelawa, Papua New Guinea2015 Hau 5 (1): 317-37
  • Ryan Schram
2049-1115in special section 'The anthropology of personhood, redux: views from Christianity'; French summary
Marching to the beat of a newer drum: cultural continuity and revival in Nisga'a Church Armies2015 Ethnohistory 62 (4): 781-801
  • Nicholas May
Valuing Black lives: Pentecostalism, charismatic gifts, and human economies in a U.S. inner city2015 American ethnologist 42 (4): 610-23
  • Frederick Klaits
  • Shenita A. McLean
H6 [AMERICAN-]0094-0496
Interpreting material evidence: religion at the 'Origins of Islam'2015 History of religions 55 (2): 121-47
  • Jonathan E. Brockopp
H6/KFO [HISTORY-]0018-2710
Muslim 'hate preachers' in British tabloids: constructing the British self and the Muslim other2015 European journal of cultural studies 18 (6): 620-38
  • Anas Altikriti
  • Salam Al-Mahadin
H6/KF [EUROPEAN-]1367-5494
A little bit transparent with one another: constructing vulnerability in the evangelical discourse of women preachers2015 Culture and religion 16 (4): 392-411
  • Clint Bryan
  • Mohammed Albakry
H6/KFO [SCOTTISH-]1475-5610
A sinful landscape: moral and sexual geographies in Cape Town, South Africa2015 Social analysis 59 (3): 105-25
  • Melissa Hackman
H6/KF [SOCIAL-]0155-977X
Mining morals, muck and Akan gold in New York City2015 Anthropology Southern Africa 38 (3/4): 290-301
  • Jane Parish
*H6 [SOUTH-]2332-3256in special section 'Moral communities in African cities'
Scepticism and broad-mindedness in talk of paedophilia2015 Arv: Nordic yearbook of folklore 71: 7-25
  • Ulrika Wolf-Knuts
H6/KVT [ARV-]0066-8176
William Wade Harris. A good prophet2015 Arts & cultures : 88-113
  • Bertrand Goy
South American Evangelicals' re-conquest of Europe2014 Journal of contemporary religion 29 (2): 219-32
  • Ari Pedro Oro
H6/KFO [JOURNAL-]1353-7903