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TitleDateReferenceAuthorsCall #ISSN
Religious language in Great War epitaphs2017 Material religion 13 (3): 406-8
  • Sarah Wearne
H6/KFO [MATERIAL-]1743-2200
Another Sogdian-Chinese bilingual epitaph2017 Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies (London) 80 (2): 305-18
  • Bo Bi
  • Nicholas Sims-Williams
  • Yan Yan
H6/KW [LONDON-]0041-977X
Old gravestones from Sudak region, Crimea2017 Bulgarski folklor 43 (4): 480-6 [plates i-iv]
  • Akhtem Dzhelilov
  • Leniiara Dzhelilova
H6/KVR [BULGARSKI-]0323-9861in special issue 'Islam and folk traditions' (6); English summary
The burial of Patriarch Nikon in the Resurrection New Jerusalem monastery: research from 20122014 Anthropology and archeology of Eurasia 53 (1): 63-84
  • L.A. Beliaev
  • M.A. Kapitonova
H6/KVY [ANTHROPOLOGY-]1061-1959in thematic issue 'Unburying the past'; first publ in Ross Arkheol 2013 (4), 99-108
The cemetery: interpretative perspectives2014 Bulgarski folklor 40 (3): 290-301 [plates i-ii]
  • Jan Adamowski
H6/KVR [BULGARSKI-]0323-9861in special issue 'Folkloristics, cultural anthropology and ethnology in Poland'; Polish and English summaries
The cemetery of Kuta Alam (16th century). [Muslim epigraphy of Aceh]2014 Archipel 87: 203-32, 334
  • Claude Guillot
  • Ludvik Kalus
*H6/KX [ARCHIPEL-]0044-8613in special issue 'Regards croisés sur Aceh'; English summary
Expressions of cultural and national identity of the residents from the Klaipėda region Klaipėdiškiai of the 20th century in epitaphs2013 Lituanistica 59 (4): 235-51
  • Silva Pocytė
H6/KVT [LITUANISTICA-]0235-716Xin thematic section 'History'; English summary
Tanatosemiosis: communication with deceased children. Tombs, colors, epitaphs, votive offerings and memories2012 Runa: archivo para la ciencias del hombre 33 (2): 193-214
  • César Iván Bondar
English and Portuguese summaries
Crosses, graves, and epitaphs: the cemeteries of Urussanga (SC)2012 Habitus: revista do Instituto Goiano de Pre-Historia e Antropologia 10 (1): 53-72
  • Julia Massucheti Tomasi
in thematic issue 'Cemeteries and death'; English summary
A study of the epitaph of Hudujin Shenmi in the Khitan small script2012 Journal of Asian and African studies (Tokyo) (84): 105-39
  • Yingzhe Wu
H6 [JOURNAL OF ASIAN AND AFRICAN STUDIES. Tokyo]0387-2807English summary
The understanding of death as sleeping in the evangelic Lutheran tradition of Klaipėda region2012 Lietuvos etnologija (NS) 12 (21): 105-22
  • Rimantas Sliužinskas
H6/KVT [LIETUVOS-]1392-4028in special issue 'Ethnology of religion and folk religiosity'; English summary
Mamlūk epitaphs from Māmillā cemetery2011 Levant 43 (1): 78-97
  • Tawfiq Da'ādli
H6/KE [LEVANT-]0075-8914
In memoriam: Aljoša Mimica (1948-2011)2011 Ethno-anthropological problems journal 6 (2): 547
  • Dragana Antonijević
Results of archaeological excavations at Atmejdan in Sarajevo (2004-2006)2011 Glasnik zemaljskog Muzeja Bosne i Hercegovine v Sarajevu (Nova Serija) 52: 363-424
  • Lidija Fekeža-Martinović
H6/KVP [SARAJEVO. Zemaljski Muzei Glasnik]0581-7501
Representaciones familiares en los epitafios del siglo XIX2010 Trace 58: 82-92
  • Alma Victoria Valdés
*H6/KUL [TRACE-]0185-6286in thematic issue 'Las ciencias sociales y la muerte'; English and French summaries
A new type of memorial monument of the Turkic speaking population of southern Siberia (about the dispersal and early history of the CHik people)2010 Rossiiskaia arkheologiia 4: 88-100
  • I.L. Kyzlasov
H6/KVY [SOVETSKAYA-]0869-6063English summary
'Do not wait for me...': what is written on contemporary gravestone2010 Zhivaia Starina (NS) 1: 30-33
  • D.V. Gromov
H6/KVY [ZHIVAIA-]0204-3432
Problems and perspectives of the ethnological research of Belorussian memorial monuments of the XXth - beginning of the XXIst century2009 Narodna tvorchist’ ta etnohrafiya 6: 24-6
  • Siarheĭ Hruntoŭ
H6/KVY [NARODNA-]0130-6936in special issue 'Belorussian ethnology'; English and Belorussian summaries
Note sur le sultanat de Pidir. Début du XVIe s. [Épigraphie islamique d'Aceh. 3]2009 Archipel (78): 7-18
  • Claude Guillot
  • Ludvik Kalus
*H6/KX [ARCHIPEL-]0044-8613
Slovak grave inscriptions in Kestölc2009 Národopis Slovákov v Madarsku 22: 45-50
  • Viera Sedláková
H6/KVN [NARODOPIS-]0139-4511Hungarian and German summaries
Unveröffentlichte römische Sarkophagfunde im Ungarischen Nationalmuseum I. Römischer Inschriftensarkophag aus Campona (Budapest XXII, Nagytétény, Angeli u. 25)2008 Communicationes archaeologicae Hungariae : 191-228
  • Zsolt Mráv
H6/KE [COMMUNICATIONES-]0231-133XGerman summary
From epitaph to obituary: death and celebrity in eighteenth-century British culture2008 International journal of cultural studies 11 (3): 259-75
  • Elizabeth Barry
H6/KF [INTERNATIONAL-]1367-8779in special issue 'A cultural history of celebrity'
Death, funeral and burying customs in Solymar, Pilisszentivan and Budakeszi, with specific regard to German epitaphs2007 Beiträge zur Volkskunde der Ungarndeutschen 24: 7-96
  • Gertrud Mandjak
H6/KVN [BEITRAGE-]0230-2225Hungarian and English summaries
Omar Khayam in the culture of Turkic states in Tian Shan2007 Izvestiia Natsional’noi Akademii Nauk Respubliki Kazakhstan (Seriia obshchestvennykh nauk) 253 (1): 217-22
  • V. D. Goriachev
H6/KVY [AKADEMIYA NAUK KAZAKHSKOY SSR. Izvestoya. Seriya obshchestvennaya]0202-1382English summary
Der Tod, das Begräbnis und die Friedhofskultur bei den Deutschen in Tarian/Tarján, mit besonderem Hinblick auf die deutschen Grabinschriften2006 Beiträge zur Volkskunde der Ungarndeutschen 23: 7-143
  • Martin Anita
H6/KVN [BEITRAGE-]0230-2225Hungarian summary
Women's social status as reflected in Chinese epigraphs from Insulinde (16th-20th centuries)2006 Archipel (72): 157-94, 271-2
  • Claudine Salmon
*H6/KX [ARCHIPEL-]0044-8613French summary
Réinterprétation des plus anciennes stèles funéraires islamiques nousantariennes: II. La stèle de Leran (Java) datée de 475 /1082 et les stèles associées2004 Archipel: études interdisciplinaires sur le monde insulindien 67: 17-36, 247
  • Claude Guillot
  • Ludvik Kalus
*H6/KX 'ARCHIPEL-'0044-8613English summary
About the Jewish cemetery in Sofia: funeral practices and tombstones (past and present)2004 Bulgarski folklor 30 (3): 95-107,158
  • Sasha Lozanova
H6/KVR [BULGARSKI-]0323-9861English summary
New principles of investigations of the Turkic runic writing2004 Kratkie soobshcheniia 217: 15-20, 136
  • I. L. Kyzlasov
H6/KVY [AKADEMIYA NAUK SSSR. Institut Istorii Material'noy Kultury. Kratkiye soobshcheniya]0130-2620English summary
Epitaph of an Avar prince in the Margaret-Island2004 Archaeologiai Értesítő 129 (1-2): 179-93
  • Janos Harmatta
H6/KE [ARCHAEOLOGIAI-]0003-8032English summary
Once more about the interpretation of the epitaph for the soldier of the First Sugambr(orum) Veteran Cohort from Tauric Chersonesos2004 Arkheolohiia 4: 86-8
  • N. O. Son
  • V. M. Zubar
H6/KVY [ARKHEOLOGICHESKIE-]0235-3490English and Russian summaries
New gravestones with Latin epitaphs from Olbia2004 Arkheolohiia 3: 23-33
  • IU. I. Kozub
  • V. M. Zubar
H6/KVY [ARKHEOLOGICHESKIE-]0235-3490English and Russian summaries
Personal fate in German language epitaphs in Baranya county2003 Beiträge zur Volkskunde der Ungarndeutschen 20: 123-33
  • Andrea Kiszt
H6/KVN [BEITRAGE-]0230-2225Hungarian and English summaries
Several ideological issues as seen in the epitaph of Lao An2003 Oriental culture 83: 75-97
  • Kosei Ishii
0564-0202in special issue 'Chinese Chan (Zen) Buddhism'
Cemetery in traditional Russian culture (based on folklore materials from the region of Gorokhovets, Vladimirskaia Province, Russia)2003 Zhivaia Starina (NS) 2: 6-10
  • Andrei Gennad'evich Kuleshov
  • Varvara Evgen'evna Dobrovol'skaia
H6/KVY 'ZHIVAIA-'0204-3432
Gravestones in Norway and Sweden considered in their symbolical perspective. Cultural differences between the two countries during the 1990s2003 Arv: Nordic yearbook of folklore 59: 55-99
  • Anders Gustavsson
History of a Jewish cemetery in Bratislava2003 Slovenský národopis 51 (3): 356-72
  • Peter Salner
H6/KVL [SLOVENSKY-]1335-1303English summary
Three comments on Late Antiquity history2003 Balcanica 34: 63-70
  • Milena Milin
H6/KVO [BALCANICA-]0350-7635English summary
Florian Gryspek von Gryspach als Bauherr2003 Středočeský vlastivědný Sborník 21: 5-22
  • Jan Racek
H6/KVL [MUSEUM-]0862-2043German summary
New epitaph of a Roman legionary from Olbia2002 Arkheolohiia 2: 102-9
  • IU. I. Kozub
  • V. M. Zubar
H6/KVY [ARKHEOLOHIYA-]0235-3490English and Russian summaries
The newly-discovered epigraphic monuments from Sočanica (Kosovo)2002 Starinar 52: 163-74
  • Milena Milin
H6/KE [STARINAR]0350-0241English summary
On the poetics of Hebrew grave inscriptions in Poland and central Europe2001 Literatura ludowa 45 (2): 17-33
  • Marcin Wodziński
0024-4708English summary
'Most important is to remember...' Cemetery as a source for research on collective identity and representation of death (the case of a village community in Belarussia)2000 Etnografia polska 22 (1/2): 79-98
  • Dagnosław Demski
0071-1861English summary
'd.t-Unendlichkeit' und [nḥḥ-Ewigkeit] in den Pyramidentexten der Könige des Alten Reiches1999 Mitteilungen für Anthropologie und Religionsgeschichte 14: 275-310
  • Sergei Stadnikow
The material concerning early history of the Turkic peoples. (IV) Education during the Runic writing period1999 Rossiiskaia arkheologiia 4: 99-118
  • I. L. Kyzlasov
0869-6063English summary
Women in Turfan during the sixth to eighth centuries: a look at their activities outside the home1999 Journal of Asian studies 58 (1): 85-103
  • Deng Xiaonan
Friedhof als Ort des Zusammentreffens zweier Welten1998 Folia ethnographica 32: 153-61
  • Alexandra Navrátilová
English and German summaries
Materials on the early history of the Turkic people. (3). The earliest evidence of written records1998 Rossiiskaia arkheologiia 2: 68-85
  • I. L. Kyzlasov
0869-6063English summary
Gender and epitaphs in New Orleans cemeteries1998 Human mosaic: a journal of the social sciences 32 (1/2): 38-45
  • Denise C. Jones
Grabsteine und Epitaphe von Telefs (Anhang zur Geschichte von Mezőtelegd /Tileagd, Komitat Bihor, Rumänien)1997/8 A Debreceni Déri Múzeum évkönyve 245-72
  • Ja nos Emődi
0418-4513German summary
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