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Origins of modern humans: a cytogenetic model2011 Human evolution 26 (1/2): 33-47
  • A.I. Ibraimov
H6/HB [HUMAN-]0393-9375
Distribution of human B-defensin 2, TNF-alpha, IL-1alpha, IL-6 and IL-8 in psoriatic skin2011 Papers on anthropology 20: 289-302
  • E. Mozeika
  • J. Kisis
  • M. Pilmane
H6/HB [PAPERS-]1406-0140
Phytohaemagglutinin laboratory preparation used as mitogen in peripheral blood lymphocyte cultures in infertile couples2009 South Asian anthropologist 9 (1): 37-44
  • G. Gandhi
  • V. Bhel
H6/KW [SOUTH-]0257-7348
Cytogenic analysis of lymphocytes in workers occupationally exposed to ionizing radiation effects2009 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Srbije 44: 323-7
  • Boban Rakić
  • Dubravka Jovičic
  • Radomir Kovačević
  • Snežana Milačic
H6/KVP [ANTROPOLOSKOGI-]1820-7936English summary
Contemporary trends in radiation cytogenetics and biodoziometry of ionizing radiation2007 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Jugoslavije 42: 23-34
  • D. Jovičić
H6/KVP [ANTROPOLOSKOGI-]0351-1480English summary
The frequency of premature segregation of centromeres in individuals exposed to ionizing radiation2007 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Jugoslavije 42: 15-21
  • B. Rakić
  • D. Drakulić
  • Dubravka Jovičić
  • M. Stefanović
  • N. Bukvić
  • R. Kovačević
  • R. Rakić
  • S. Milačić
H6/KVP [ANTROPOLOSKOGI-]0351-1480English summary
Cytogenetic investigations in rheumatoid arthritis patients on anti-rheumatic drug therapy2006 South Asian anthropologist 6 (2): 87-96
  • Gursatej Gandhi
  • Indermohan Singh
H6/KW [SOUTH-]0257-7348
Analysis of Micronuclei in peripheral blood lymphocytes in subjects occupationally exposed to radionuclides2005 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Jugoslavije 40: 63-6
  • D. Jovičić
H6/KVP [ANTROPOLOSKO-]0351-1480English summary
Chromosome aberrations among people working in environments contaminated by uranium2005 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Jugoslavije 40: 57-62
  • D. Jovičić
  • S. Milačić
Atelinae phylogenetic relationships: the trichotomy revived ?2004 American journal of physical anthropology 124 (4): 285-96
  • A. C. Collins
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]0002-9483
Re-examination of ancient DNA in Texas rock paintings2002 Journal of archaeological science 29 (3): 301-6
  • E. J. Mawk
  • M. Hyman
  • M. W. Rowe
0305-4403comments on 'Ancient DNA from Texas rock paintings' by RL Reese, M Hyman, MW Rowe, JN Derr, SK Davies in J archaeol Sci 1996 (23:2), 269-77
Chromosomal and molecular primatology2002 Evolutionary anthropology 11: 145-9
  • Yves Rumpler
1060-1538in thematic issue 'Anthropology and primatology into the third millennium: the centenary congress of the Zürich Anthropological Institute'; supplement
Cytogenetic damage in offset printing press workers occasionally exposed to Benzene2002 Journal of human ecology 13 (3): 217-24
  • A. K. Chhillar
  • J. S. Yadav
Genetic aspects in Hominid evolution2000 Human evolution 15 (1/2): 5-16
  • B. A. Chiarelli
  • L. Sineo
  • R. Stanyon
H6/HB [HUMAN-]in special issue 'Evolution of human family'
Cytogenetic damage and human variability2000 Rivista di antropologia 78: 125-33
  • Giuseppe Ardito
  • Laura Lamberti
  • Maria Paola Bigatti
H6 [SOCIETA-]0085-5723in 'Proceedings of the 13th Congress of the Italian Anthropologists'. Roma and Sabaudia, 4-8 October 1999; Italian summary
Chromosomal status analysis in individuals occupationally exposed to ionizing radiation effects1999/2000 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Jugoslavije 35: 149-54
  • Dubravka Jovičić
  • Radomir Kovačević
  • Snezana Milačić
0351-1480English summary
Citogenetic research of some pesticides from the group of phenoxy-herbicides1999/2000 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Jugoslavije 35: 155-9
  • Dubravka Jovičić
  • M. Vukša
  • S. Cupač
  • Snezana Milačić
  • V. Janjić
Cytogenetic and fertility studies of a rheboon, rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta) x baboon (Papio hamadryas) cross: further support for a single karyotype nomenclature1999 American journal of physical anthropology 110 (2): 119-27
  • Charleen M. Moore
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]0002-9483
Complex, compound inversion /translocation polymorphism in an ape: presumptive intermediate stage in the karyotypic evolution of the agile gibbon Hylobates agilis1999 American journal of physical anthropology 110 (2): 129-42
  • Peter Van Tuinen
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]0002-9483
Klinefelter syndrome - cytogenetic findings1998 Journal of human ecology 9 (4): 389-91
  • Ann Joseph
  • I. M. Thomas
  • Mythili Jagannath
  • Preetha Tilak
  • Sayee Rajangam
  • Shavanthi Lincoln
  • Sridevi Hedge
Assignment of the Fibronectin (FN1) gene to Pongo Pygmaeus (Orangutan) chromosome 111997 Human evolution 12 (3): 183-7
  • G. Pepe
  • G. Svampa
  • L. Ferrucci
  • P. Vernole
Cytogenetics: in search of the physical basis of [genes]1992 Asclepio 44 (1): 115-33, 385
  • M Vicedo
English summary
Interphase cytogenetics of the ICF syndrome1992 Annals of human genetics 56 (3): 273-8
  • P Maraschio