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Past Pentecostalism: notes on rupture, realignment and everyday life in Pentecostal and African Independent Churches2010 Africa 80 (2): 177-99
  • Matthew Engelke
H6/KY [AFRICA-]0001-9720French summary
Sex differences in choices of tradeoffs between success and health2003 Anthropological Science 111 (2): 225-9
  • Royo Oda
Defending the nation? Ethics and anthropology after 9/112003 Anthropology today 19 (3): 23-6
  • Hugh Gusterson
The risk of [going observationalist]: negotiating the hidden dilemmas of being an insider participant observer2002 Qualitative research 2 (1): 97-122
  • Robert V. Labaree
Gujars in the Pakistani Hindu Kush:-Himalayas conflict and dilemmas about life styles and forest use2002 Nomadic peoples (NS) 6 (2): 99-109
  • Sahibazada Irfanullah
0822-7942French and Spanish summaries
Anthropology and consultancy: ethnographic dilemmas and opportunities2001 Social Analysis 45 (2): 3-22
  • Andrew Strathern
  • Pamela J. Stewart
0155-977Xintroduction to special section 'Anthropology and consultancy'
From anthropologist to government officer and back again2001 Social Analysis 45 (2): 41-77
  • Richard Scaglion
0155-977Xin special section 'Anthropology and consultancy'
Taking care of culture: consultancy, anthropology and gender issues2001 Social Analysis 45 (2): 108-19
  • Martha Macintyre
0155-977Xin special section 'Anthropology and consultancy'
A city of [strangers]: the socio-cultural construction of manhood in Jaffa2001 Journal of Mediterranean studies 11 (1): 159-88
  • Daniel Monterescu
1016-3476in thematic issue 'Stereotypes and alterity: perceptions of otherness in the Mediterranean'
Dilemma tales in the tale type index: the theme of joint efforts1997 Journal of folklore research 34 (3): 179-93
  • Christine Goldberg