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The prison-televisual complex2020 International journal of cultural studies 23 (1): 121-37
  • Allison Page
  • Laurie Ouellette
Legal reform or erasure of history? The politics of moral crimes in Afghanistan2020 Central Asian survey 39 (2): 255-71
  • Aziz Hakimi
  • Masooma Sa’adat
*H6/KW [CENTRAL-]0263-4937
Strategies, arguments, limits and possibilites in the criminal defense in the Mapuche Araucanía of Chile2020 Chungará 52 (1): 133-42
  • Marcelo Berho
  • Wladimir Martínez
H6/KUL [CHUNGARA-]0716-1182English summary
Research in carceral contexts: confronting access barriers and engaging former prisoners2019 Qualitative research 19 (2): 182-98
  • Emily van der Meulen
  • Tara Marie Watson
H6 [QUALITATIVE-]1468-7941
Landscapes of loss and recovery: the anthropology of police-community relations and harm reduction2019 Human organization 78 (1): 28-42
  • Kris Nyrop
  • Suzanne Morrissey
  • Teresa Lee
H6/KF [APPLIED-]0018-7259
Awkward entanglements: kinship, morality and survival in Cape Town's prison - township circuit2019 Ethnos 84 (1): 41-55
  • Karen Waltorp
  • Steffen Jensen
H6 [ETHNOS-]0014-1844in special issue 'Stuckness and confinement: reflections on life in ghettos, camps and prisons'
Politicizing the fear of crime in decentralized Indonesia: an insight from central Lombok2019 Southeast Asian studies 8 (1): 99-116
  • Yogi Setya Permana
H6/KWY [SOUTHEAST-]0563-8682
Deporting "bad hombres"? The profile of deportees under widespread versus prioritized enforcement2019 International migration review 53 (2): 518-47
  • Ana P. Martinez-Donate
  • Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes
  • Thitima Puttitanun
Documenting atrocities around the world: why engage with the perpetrators?2019 International journal of cultural studies 22 (6): 804-22
  • Fernando Canet
Operation Condor on trial: justice for transnational human rights crimes in South America2019 Journal of Latin American studies 51 (2): 409-39
  • Francesca Lessa
*H6/KUL [JOURNAL-]0022-216XSpanish and Portuguese summaries
El enfermo venéreo, ¿víctima o criminal? El delito de contagio venéreo en México en la primera mitad del siglo xx2019 Mexican studies 35 (1): 5-33
  • María del Carmine Zaval Ramírez
*H6/KUL [MEXICAN-]0742-9797English summary
Restoring the power of a free mind and body. End the violence against women2019 News from native California 33 (2): 47-52
  • Jeanne Ferris
*H6/KUB [NEWS-]1040-5437
La légilsation sur le blasphème et le rétrécissement progressif du champ de la liberté religieuse en Indonésie depuis 19652019 Archipel (98): 151-76
  • Ayur Mursalin
*H6/KX [ARCHIPEL-]0044-8613
Powder tattooing: a state stamp on the favelado's body2019 Revista de antropología (São Paulo) 62 (2): 275-97
  • Juliana Farias
H6/KUL [REVISTA-]0034-7701English summary
The politics of negotiation with gangs. The case of El Salvador2019 Bulletin of Latin American research 38 (5): 547-62
  • José Miguel Cruz
*H6/KUL [BULLETIN-]0261-3050
Negotiating relationships in transition: war, famine, and embodied accountability in Mozambique2019 Comparative studies in society and history 61 (4): 774-83
  • Victor Igreja
H6/KF [COMPARATIVE-]0010-4175
Local power dynamics and petty corruption in Burundi2019 Journal of Eastern African studies 13 (4): 698-717
  • Guillaume Nicaise
H6/KY [EASTERN-]1753-1055
An “Indyan called Nangenutch or Will”: Indian identity and identification in a 1668 Long Island rape trial2019 Native American and indigenous studies 6 (2): 1-31
  • Jason R. Sellers
Race, place, and crime: how violent crime events affect employment discrimination2019 American journal of sociology 125 (1): 63-104
  • Senaz Mobasseri
H6/KF [AMERICAN-]0002-9602
Literature or anthropological criminology? The "cangaço" in Pedra Bonita and Cangaceiros2019 Mana 25 (2): 427-55
  • João Paulo Mansur
H6/KUL [MANA-]1678-4944English and Spanish summaries
The use of zingari/nomadi/Rom in Italian crime discourse2018 Nomadic peoples (NS) 22 (1): 123-42
  • Theresa Catalano
H6/KF [NOMADIC-]0822-7942in special issue ''Gypsies', 'nomads'. 'Roma'. Categorisation processes of Roma and Sinti in Italy
My body imprisoned, my soul relieved: youth, gangs and prison in Cape Verde2018 European journal of cultural studies 21 (2): 148-64
  • Peter Anton Zoetti
H6/KF [EUROPEAN-]1367-5494
‘My words were not cared for’: customary law, criminality and the ‘woman question’ in late colonial India2018 Contributions to Indian sociology (New Series) 52 (1): 156-85
  • Kamala Visweswaran
Policing the carceral state: prisons and panic in an upstate New York prison town2018 Transforming anthropology 26 (1): 50-62
  • Andrea Morrell
H6 [TRANSFORMING-]1051-0559
Resonances of Haitian traumas with young former gang members from Montreal2018 L'Autre: cliniques, cultures et sociétés 19 (1): 62-70
  • Olivier Lacroix
  • Sophie Gilbert
H6 [AUTRE-]1626-5378in thematic issue 'Cliniques transculturelles 4'; English and Spanish summaries
"Hell was let loose on the country": the social history of military technology in the Republic of Biafra2018 African studies review 61 (3): 99-118
  • Samuel Fury Childs Daly
*H6/KY [AFRICAN-]0002-0206in thematic section 'Crime and punishment'; French summary
Ravens reconsidered: raiding and theft among Tubu-speakers in Northern Chad2018 African studies review 61 (3): 135-55
  • Judith Scheele
*H6/KY [AFRICAN-]0002-0206in thematic section 'Crime and punishment'; French summary
El déficit de denuncias de víctimas de prostitución forzada en México2018 Mexican studies 34 (2): 191-217
  • Simón Pedro Izcara Palacios
*H6/KUL [MEXICAN-]0742-9797in special issue 'Préstamos, banca, justicia e impunidad'; English summary
Three types of traffic in Tijuana: heteronomy at the Mexico-US border2018 Public culture 30 (3): 441-64
  • Rihan Yeh
H6/KF [PUBLIC-]0899-2363
'The terror and scourge of the barrio': representations of youth crime and policing of Nicaraguan television news2018 Journal of Latin American studies 50 (4): 861-87
  • Julienne Weegels
*H6/KUL [JOURNAL-]0022-216XSpanish and Portuguese summaries
Confronting Canada's indigenous female disposability2018 Canadian journal of native studies 38 (1): 153-63
  • Kara Jo Wilson
*H6/KUB [CANADIAN-]0715-3244French summary
Looting, the antiquities trade, and competing valuations of the past2018 Annual review of anthropology 47: 455-74
  • Alex W. Barker
H1 [BIENNIAL-]0084-6570
Freedom and convict leasing in the postbellum south2018 American journal of sociology 124 (2): 367-405
  • Christopher Muller
H6/KF [AMERICAN-]0002-9602
Sureties as civilian jailers: understanding the role of the court in the lives of accused released on surety bail in Ontario2018 Canadian review of sociology and anthropology 55 (4): 532-54
  • Rachel Schumann
H6/KUB [CANADIAN-]1755-6171French summary
The "patient witch": on responsibility and criminality in witchcraft2018 Cahiers d'études africaines (231-232): 647-66
  • André Mary
H6/KY [CAHIERS-]0008-0055in special issue 'Face à la sorcellerie'; English summary
Narco-satanization and bodies in pieces in Mexico. Santa Muerte/Yemayá at the heart of the war of images2018 Cahiers d'études africaines (231-232): 817-51
  • Kali Argyriadis
H6/KY [CAHIERS-]0008-0055in special issue 'Face à la sorcellerie'; English summary
Assembling the irreconcilable: youth workers, development policies and 'high risk' boys in the Netherlands2018 Ethnos 83 (5): 850-67
  • Jeroen Vermeulen
  • Marijn Koster
  • Sabah Chalhi
H6 [ETHNOS-]0014-1844in special issue 'Assembling development across the globe: ethnographies of brokerage'
An exceptional justice system in the Central African Republic. Legal and anthropological reflections on the criminalization of witchcraft2018 Journal des africanistes 88 (2): 100-25
  • Andrea Ceriana Mayneri
  • Gervais Ngovon
H6/KY [SOCIETE-]0399-0346in monographic issue 'Le forgeron, le juge et l'ethnologue: autour de Bruno Martinelli'; English summary
Islamophobia and the making of Latinos/as into terrorist threats2018 Ethnic and racial studies 41 (12): 2235-54
  • Amina Zarrugh
  • Luis A. Romero
H6/KD [ETHNIC-]0141-9870in special issue 'Islamophobia and surveillance: genealogies of a global order'
Reflections concerning ethnographic ethical decisions and neo-liberal monitoring2018 Etnográfica: revista do Centro de Estudos de Antropologia Social 22 (2): 241-58
  • Chris Holligan
  • Ross Deuchar
  • Tiago Neves
H6 [ETNOGRAFICA-]0873-6561Portuguese summary
Freedom and convict leasing in the postbellum south2018 American journal of sociology 124 (2): 367-405
  • Christopher Muller
H6/KF [AMERICAN-]0002-9602
What, how and how much is written in documents of the judicial bureaucracy for "minors" in the city of Buenos Aires2018 Etnográfica: revista do Centro de Estudos de Antropologia Social 22 (3): 531-53
  • Florencia Graziano
H6 [ETNOGRAFICA-]0873-6561English summary
Communities in criminal networks: a case study2017 Social networks 48: 116-25
  • Carlo Piccardi
  • Domenico Brunetto
  • Francesco Calderoni
H6/KF [SOCIAL-]0378-8733
Danger, crime and rights: a conversation between Michel Foucault and Jonathan Simon2017 Theory, culture and society 34 (1): 3-27
  • Jonathan Simon interv
  • Michel Foucault
  • Stuart Elden
H6 [THEORY-]0263-2764
Law, violence and "black magic" accusations in crime against children2017 Mana 23 (2): 371-400
  • Paula M. Lacerda
H6/KUL [MANA-]0104-9313English and Spanish summaries
Embodying (in)security. The use of the police and the “politics of presence” on the northern frontier of Chile2017 Antipoda: revista de antropología y arqueología 29: 87-103
  • Angel Aedo
H6/KUL [REVISTA-]0124-485XEnglish and Portuguese summaries
Solidarity within the family and penal responsibility in Roman criminal law2017 L'Homme (223-224): 33-61
  • Yann Rivière
H6 [HOMME-]0439-4216in special issue 'De la responsabilité; English summary
"Le peuple est mort, vive le pauple!". Réflexions sura la résponsabilité individuelle et collective des crimes nazis2017 L'Homme (223-224): 161-8
  • Rainer Maria Kiesow
H6 [HOMME-]0439-4216in special issue 'De la responsabilité
La présence du témoin2017 L'Homme (223-224): 169-84
  • François Hartog
H6 [HOMME-]0439-4216in special issue 'De la responsabilité
Making a new Khmer rouge and jihadist man. Comparative study2017 L'Autre: cliniques, cultures et sociétés 18 (2): 153-64
  • Françoise Sironi
H6 [AUTRE-]1626-5378in thematic section 'Radicalisation'; English and Spanish summaries