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Les Atikamekw Nehirowisiwok: territorialités et savoirs2104 Recherches amérindiennes au Québec 44 (1): 3-10
  • Laurent Jérôme
  • Sulvie Poirier
H6/KUB [RECHERCHES-]0318-4137introduction to special issue
Atikamekw Kinokewin, the "living memory": an assessment of participatory research in an indigenous context2104 Recherches amérindiennes au Québec 44 (1): 73-83, 159-60
  • Sylvie Poirier
H6/KUB [RECHERCHES-]0318-4137in special issue 'Les Atikamekw Nehirowisiwok: territorialités et savoirs'; Attikamek, English, and Spanish summaries
Construire notre avenir en misant sur notre héritage ancestral2104 Recherches amérindiennes au Québec 44 (1): 115-17
  • Éva Ottawa
H6/KUB [RECHERCHES-]0318-4137in special issue 'Les Atikamekw Nehirowisiwok: territorialités et savoirs'
Indigenous sovereignty and the new developmentalism in plurinational Bolivia2019 Anthropological theory 19 (1): 95-119
  • Nancy Postero
  • Nicole Fabricant
H6 [ANTHROPOLOGICAL-]1463-4996in special issue "Politics in the time of "post politics": rethinking anthropology's conception of the political for the 21st century"
Nation-making at the border: Zambian diplomacy in the Democratic Republic of Congo2019 Comparative studies in society and history 61 (1): 145-75
  • Miles Larmer
H6/KF [COMPARATIVE-]0010-4175in thematic section 'Moral codes of states in transition'
Theory in collaborative indigenous archaeology: insights from Mohegan2019 American antiquity 84 (1): 127-42
  • Craig N. Cipolla
  • James Quinn
  • Jay Levy
*H6/KE [AMERICAN-]0002-7316Spanish summary
Frontiers are frontlines: ethnobiological science against ongoing colonialism2019 Journal of ethnobiology 39 (1): 14-31
  • Chelsey Geralda Armstrong
  • Christie Brown
*H6 [JOURNAL-]0278-0771in special section 'Action ethnobiology'
Splintered hinterlands: public anthropology, environmental advocacy, and indigenous sovereignty2019 Journal of ethnobiology 39 (1): 32-49
  • James J.A. Blair
*H6 [JOURNAL-]0278-0771in special section 'Action ethnobiology'
Applied ethnobiology and advocacy: a case study from the Timbisha Shoshone tribe of Death Valley, California2019 Journal of ethnobiology 39 (1): 76-89
  • Catherine S. Fowler
*H6 [JOURNAL-]0278-0771in special section 'Action ethnobiology'
Cultural revitalization and the ontology of communicative spaces: 'mobile coordinating' among Guaraní2019 International journal of cultural studies 22 (3): 417-33
  • Sarah Wagner
The International Court of Justice: advisory opinion on the Chagos archipelago2019 Anthropology today 35 (3): 24-7
  • Laura Jeffery
An archaeology of decolonization: imperial intimacies in contemporary Lisbon2019 Journal of social archaeology 19 (2): 181-205
  • Rui Gomes Coelho
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]1469-6053
Credibility, civility, and the archaeological dig house in mid-1950's Egypt2019 Journal of social archaeology 19 (2): 255-76
  • William Carruthers
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]1469-6053
Punctuated places: narrating space in Burundi2019 International journal of African historical studies 52 (1): 133-58
  • Aidan Russell
*H6/KY [INTERNATIONAL-]0361-7882in special issue 'The bounds of Berlin's Africa: space-making and multiple territorialities in East and Central Africa'
Wind of change: separating heads and bodies in Eastern Europe2019 Anthropological journal of European cultures 28 (1): 72-8
  • Tanel Rander
*H6/KF [ANTHROPOLOGICAL-]1755-2923in thematic section 'European bodies'
From metropole to margin in UNESCO's General history of Africa - documents of historiographical decolonization in Paris and Ibadan2019 History in Africa 46: 403-12
  • Larissa Schulte Nordholt
H6/KY [HISTORY-]0361-5413French summary
"What are we doing to these Shoshone people?": The ontological politics of a Shoshone grinding stone2019 American anthropologist 121 (3): 628-40
  • Ryan S. Morini
*H6 [AMERICAN-]0002-7294Spanish summary
About musealization of Iny-Karajá collections: challenges and possibilities for a decolonial practice2019 Habitus: revista do Instituto Goiano de Pre-Historia e Antropologia 17 (1): 53-76
  • Camila Azevedo de Moraes Wichers
in special section 'Museus e acervos arqueológicos e etnográficos: (re)leituras e experiências'; English summary
Comparative global humanities after man: alternatives to the coloniality of knowledge2019 Theory, culture and society 36 (5): 23-48
  • Kris Manjapra
  • Lisa Lowe
H6 [THEORY-]0263-2764
Mediate intersections of environmental and decolonial politics in the No Dakota Access Pipeline movement2019 Theory, culture and society 36 (5): 113-31
  • Alexandra Deem
H6 [THEORY-]0263-2764
Just like in colonial times? Administrative practice and local reflections on 'grassroots neocolonialism' in autonomous and postcolonial Dahomey, 1958-652019 Journal of African history 60 (2): 257-76
  • Alexander Keese
*H6/KY [JOURNAL-]0021-8537
The celebritization of indigenous activism: Tame Iti as media figure2019 International journal of cultural studies 22 (6): 770-87
  • Julie Cupples
  • Kevin Glynn
Governing indigenous drinking: Jiejiu in settler-colonial Taiwan2019 Human organization 78 (3): 230-40
  • Yi-Cheng Wu
H6/KF [APPLIED-]0018-7259
"More than a music, it's a movement": West Papua, decolonization songs, social media, and the remixing of resistance2019 The contemporary Pacific 31 (2): 309-43
  • Camellia Webb-Gannon
  • Michael Webb
The Nicky D, Alcatraz Island, and a tule boat2019 News from native California 33 (1): 10-14
  • Beverly Ortiz
  • Laurie Morales
*H6/KUB [NEWS-]1040-5437
Reflecting a diaspora: in-between whitework and indigo2019 Textile: the journal of cloth and culture 17 (4): 391-401
  • Mona Craven
H6/KGG [TEXTILE-]1475-9756in special issue 'Texile and place'
Interrogating the histories and futures of "diversity": transnational perspectives2019 Public culture 31 (2): 197-214
  • Damani J. Partridge
  • Matthew Chin
H6/KF [PUBLIC-]0899-2363introduction to thematic issue 'Interrogating diversity'
Decolonizing diversity: the transnational politics of minority racial difference2019 Public culture 31 (2): 289-322
  • Anneeth Kaur Hundle
H6/KF [PUBLIC-]0899-2363in thematic issue 'Interrogating diversity'
Tracing "gay liberation" through postindependence Jamaica2019 Public culture 31 (2): 323-41
  • Matthew Chin
H6/KF [PUBLIC-]0899-2363in thematic issue 'Interrogating diversity'
Cookbook confidential: global appetites, culinary fantasies, and Thai food2019 Food Culture and Society 22 (1): 26-44
  • Mary Beth Mills
H6/KF [FOOD-]1528-9796
A resolute display: culture, life and intersectional identity in Israeli Druze photography2019 Anthropology of the Middle East 14 (1): 87-107
  • Lindsey Pullum
*H6/KW [ANTHRO-]1746-0719in special issue 'Visual anthropology in the Middle East'
Complex accountabilities: deconstructing the "community" and engaging feminist indigenous research methods2019 American Indian culture and research journal 42 (4): 1-20
  • Gina Starblanket
H6/KUB [AMERICAN-]0161-6463
Residential school gothic and red power: genre friction in Rhymes for Young Ghouls2019 American Indian culture and research journal 42 (4): 43-66
  • Jennifer Henderson
H6/KUB [AMERICAN-]0161-6463
Outsourcing reconciliation: the government of Canada's #Indigenous Reads campaign and the appropriation of indigenous intellectual labor2019 SAIL: studies in American Indian literatures (Series 2) 31 (1-2): 1-30
  • Pauline Wakeham
*H6/KUB [SAIL-]0730-3238
Four more indigenous projects for the Native American humanities2019 SAIL: studies in American Indian literatures (Series 2) 31 (1-2): 31-53
  • Matthew Herman
*H6/KUB [SAIL-]0730-3238
Oceania at the Academy: tributes, mourning & the legacy of Cook2018/2019 Art New Zealand (168): 58-61
  • Lana Lopesi
H6/KX [ART-]0110-1102
A sea of difference, a history of gaps: migrations between Italy and Albania, 1939-19922018 Comparative studies in society and history 60 (1): 90-118
  • Pamela Ballinger
H6/KF [COMPARATIVE-]0010-4175
Israel-Palestine and the settler colonial 'turn': from interpretation to decolonization2018 Theory, culture and society 35 (1): 91-115
  • Rachel Busbridge
H6 [THEORY-]0263-2764
The evolution of African studies in the UK2018 African study monographs supplementary issue 54: 29-40
  • Barbara Bompani
H6/KY [AFRICAN-]0286-9667in supplementary issue 'Reconstructing the paradigm of African area studies in a globalizing world'
"Guardians of the Indian image": controlling representations of indigenous cultures in television2018 American Indian quarterly 42 (1): 1-42
  • Monica L. Butler
H6/KUB [AMERICAN-]0095-182X
A valorization of White settler nationalism? The Canadian sesquicentennial anniversary2018 Canadian review of sociology and anthropology 55 (1): 149-52
  • Everton G. Ellis
H6/KUB [CANADIAN-]1755-6171
Decolonial archaeology as social justice2018 Antiquity 92 (362): 518-20
  • Yannis Hamilakis
H6/KE [ANTIQUITY-]0003-598Xcomments on González-Ruibal and others in this issue, 507-15
That which will become the earth: anarcho-indigenous speculative geographies2018 Journal des anthropologues (152/153): 83-106
  • Bettina Escauriza
H6/KF [ASSOCIATION-]1156-0428in thematic issue 'Anthropologie et anarchisme'; French summary
Black aesthetics, black value2018 Public culture 30 (1): 19-34
  • Lewis R. Gordon
H6/KF [PUBLIC-]0899-2363
Plurinationality in the South American Andes2018 Iberoamericana 18 (67): 11-22
  • Salvador Schavelzon
H6/KUL [IBEROAMERICANA-]1577-3388in special section 'Imaginar la nación: voces de la pluralidad en la Bolivia contemporánea'; English summary
Antagonism and imaginaries of plurality in Bolivian cinema2018 Iberoamericana 18 (67): 63-83
  • Valeria Canelas
H6/KUL [IBEROAMERICANA-]1577-3388in special section 'Imaginar la nación: voces de la pluralidad en la Bolivia contemporánea'; English summary
The rise of the migration-development nexus in Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa, 1960-20102018 African studies review 61 (1): 83-108
  • Jean-Philippe Dedieu
*H6/KY [AFRICAN-]0002-0206French summary
Racial literacy practices among Anglophone Caribbean parents: an answer to racism in Montreal elementary schools2018 Canadian ethnic studies 50 (1): 87-105
  • Lerona Dana Lewis
H6/KUB [CANADIAN-]0008-3496in special issue '50 Years/50 Ans'; French summary
Indigenous teachers and learners: higher education and social justice2018 Anthropology and education quarterly 49 (2): 201-9
  • Elizabeth Sumida Huaman
  • Shawn Abeita
H6 [COUNCIL-]0161-7761
The Palestinian knot: the 'new anti-Semitism', Islamophobia and the question of postcolonial Europe2018 Theory, culture and society 35 (3): 99-120
  • Monika Bobako
H6 [THEORY-]0263-2764