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TitleDateReferenceAuthorsCall #ISSN
A century of science and conservation2019 British Museum magazine (95): 54-6
  • Carl Heron
  • Sandra Smith
*H6 [BRITISH MUSEUM SOCIETY. Bulletin]0965-8297
The costume unwrapped2018 British Museum magazine (92): 48-9
  • Nicole Rode
  • Sophie Rowe
*H6 [BRITISH MUSEUM SOCIETY. Bulletin]0965-8297
L'insect à l'œuvre: de la muséographie au bruit de fond biologique des collections2017 Techniques et culture (68): 162-77
  • Tiziana N. Beltrame
*H6 [TECHNIQUES-]0248-6016in thematic issue 'Mondes infimes'
Sonder une collection2017 Techniques et culture (68): 178-95
  • Christine Jungen
  • Frédéric Keck
  • Sophie Houdart
  • Tiziana N. Beltrame
*H6 [TECHNIQUES-]0248-6016in thematic issue 'Mondes infimes'
New ways of engaging with historic textiles: interactive images online2016 Textile history 47 (1): 82-93
  • Dinah Eastop
H6/KGGT [TEXTILES-]0040-4969in special issue 'Ways of seeing early modern decorative textiles'
Preserving a Seneca dress2015 American Indian NMAI 16 (1): 42-7
  • Nicole Passerotti
  • Susan Heald
*H6/KUB [AMERICAN-]1528-0640
Schattentheater - Blick hinter die Kulisse2015 Tribus 64: 221-35
  • Andrea Steffen
  • Nina Frankenhauser
H6 [TRIBUS-]0082-6413English summary
Máscaras de Baile Centroamericanas: conservación y contexto2015 Baessler-Archiv (Neue Folge) 62: 137-48
  • Alejandra Petersen
  • David Brinkmann
  • Mareike Mölders
H6 [BAESSLER-]0005-3856English summary
The conservation and restoration of the daimyo residence-model daimyō yashiki hinagata2015 Archiv für Völkerkunde 65: 118-27
  • Florian Rainer
  • Henriette Wiltschek
H6/KF [ARCHIV-]0066-6513in a special issue on the model of a Daimyō residence at the Weltmuseum Wien
What does the daimyō yashiki model tell us and what can we expect from its restoration?2015 Archiv für Völkerkunde 65: 128-73
  • Klaus Zwerger
H6/KF [ARCHIV-]0066-6513in a special issue on the model of a Daimyō residence at the Weltmuseum Wien
Preserving K2 and Mapungubwe bone-tool and ivory assemblages2014 Digging stick 31 (1): 15-17
  • Sian Tiley-Nel
H6/KE [SOUTH-]1013-7521
Conservación preventiva en el Museo Nacional de Antropología. Octubre de 2012-junio de 20132014 Anales del Museo Nacional de Antropología 16: 298-327
  • Mario Oliva Puertas
H6/KVE [ANALES-]1135-1853in thematic issue 'Antropología visual'; English summary
The value of culture: Congolese art and the promotion of Belgian colonialism (1945-1959)2013 History and anthropology 24 (4): 472-92
  • Sarah Van Beurden
H6 [HISTORY-]0275-7206
Deterioration and conservation of unstable glass beads on Native American objects2013 Bead forum (63): 1-2, 5-13
  • Kelly McHugh
  • Robin Ohern
H6/KGSB [BEAD-]0829-8727
Chronologies in wood and resin: AMS 14C dating of pre-Hispanic Caribbean wood sculpture2012 Journal of archaeological science 39 (7): 2238-51
  • Alex C. Wiedenhoeft
  • Christopher Bronk Ramsey
  • Fiona Brock
  • Joanna Ostapkowicz
  • Tom Higham
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
California featherwork: considerations for examination and preservation2012 Museum anthropology 35 (2): 101-14
  • Bradley Marshall
  • Ellen Pearlstein
  • Molly Gleeson
  • Renée Riedler
H6 [MUSEUM-]0892-8339
El tratamiento del patrimonio inmaterial en museos2012 Anales del Museo Nacional de Antropología 14: 56-73
  • Patricia Alonso Pajuelo
H6/KVE [ANALES-]1135-1853
Rebirth of a mid-Edo era Japanese samurai armour and samurai sword: Museum of Cultural History's samurai and sword2012 National Cultural History Museum research journal 7: 51-74
  • Adrian Collopy
  • Anja Smith
  • Frank Teichert
H6/KY [RESEARCH-]1993-3770
Collaborating in the study of California featherwork2011 News from native California 25 (1): 7-10
  • Ellen Pearlstein
  • Molly Gleeston
  • Renee Riedler
*H6/KUB [NEWS-]1040-5437
Making for museums, commissioning living cultures: a study of the 'Hindu shrine' project at the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery and the 'Rekindle' video series at Manchester Museum, University of Manchester2011 Journal of museum ethnography (24): 89-109
  • Nicola Ashmore
*H6 [JOURNAL-]0954-7169in thematic section 'Making things. Papers from the annual conference of the Museum Ethnographers Group held at the Museum of English Rural Life, University of Reading, 12-13 April 2010'
From shrine to plinth: illuminating the identity of the Hindu deity in the museum through artistic intervention2011 Journal of museum ethnography (24): 110-28
  • Megha Rajguru
*H6 [JOURNAL-]0954-7169in thematic section 'Making things. Papers from the annual conference of the Museum Ethnographers Group held at the Museum of English Rural Life, University of Reading, 12-13 April 2010'
Flax in Croatia: traditional production methods, the use and care of linen in folk costumes and implications for museum conservation2011 Textile history 42 (2): 239-60
  • Pippa Cruickshank
H6/KGGT [TEXTILES-]0040-4969
Sensing through white gloves: on Congolese objects in Swedish sceneries2009 Senses and society 4 (1): 75-97
  • Lotten Gustaffson Reinius
H6 [SENSES-]1745-8927
Pest management and the protection of wooden ethnological heritage2009 Glasnik slovenskega etnološkega Društva 49 (1/2): 80-1
  • Franc Pohleven
A conservation conundrum: ephemeral art at the National Museum of African Art2009 African arts 42 (3): 52-61
  • Stephanie E. Hornbeck
H6/KFY [AFRICAN-]0001-9933in special issue 'Ephemeral arts I'
Links between conservation and museology: overview of linkages and achievements in the Republic of Slovenia2009 Etnološka istraživanja 14: 343-62
  • Vito Hazler
H6/KVT [ETNOLOSKA-]0351-4323also in Croatian, 321-41
Objectos vivos de uma coleção etnográfica: a Curadoria da Coleção Etnográfica Xikrin-Kayapó no Museu de Arqueologia e Etnologia da Universidade de São Paulo2008 Revista do Museu de Arqueologia e Etnologia (São Paulo) 7: 41-8
  • Cesar Gordon
  • Fabíola Andréa Silva
H6/KUL [SAO PAULO-]0103-9709monographic supplement 'Museu, identidades e patrimônio cultural'
A coleção Vera Penteado Coelho: repatriar sem expatriar2008 Revista do Museu de Arqueologia e Etnologia (São Paulo) 7: 89-99
  • Sandra Lacerda Campos
H6/KUL [SAO PAULO-]0103-9709monographic supplement 'Museu, identidades e patrimônio cultural'
Die Untersuchung und Restaurierung der Masken aus der Sammlung Spix und Martius im Staatlichen Museum für Völkerkunde München2008 Münchner Beiträge zur Völkerkunde 12: 73-96
  • Ina Meissner
  • Kathrin Adelfinger
A work model for ethnologist conservators2008 Glasnik slovenskega etnološkega Društva 48 (3/4): 18-23
  • Zvezda Delak Koželj
H6/KVP [SLOVENSKO ETNOLOSKO DRUSTVO. Glasnik]0351-2908English summary
A rare Native American sash and its paper label "Belt of the Indian King Phillip. From Col. Keyes." A collaborative study2007 European review of Native American studies 21 (2): 1-8
  • Christina J. Hodge
  • Diana Loren
  • Elizabeth Perry
  • Susan Haskell
  • T. Rose Holdcraft
*H6/KUB [EUROPEAN-]0238-1486
Art protection2007 Museums journal 107 (6): 20-1, 23
  • Felicity Heywood
*H6 [MUSEUMS-]0027-416X
High mountains and deep valleys. Objects found and not found in the museum2007 Fataburen : 160-74, 277-8
  • Kristina Berg
H6/KVT [STOCKHOLM. Nordiska Museet. Meddelanden. 2007]in thematic issue 'A home for multifarious collections'; English summary
Patrimony and partnership: conserving the khipu legacy of Rapaz, Peru2006/2007 Archaeology International : 41-4
  • Frank Salomon
  • Renata Peters
Le armi bianche etniche ed il loro deterioramento. Problemi e storie attraverso grandi e piccole raccolte2006 Archivio per l'antropologia e la etnologia 136: 197-213
  • Maurizio Martinelli
H6 [ARCHIVIO-]English summary
"Brandy theory of restoration": an approach to artistic, archaeological and ethnographic objects2005/2006 Revista do Museu de Arqueologia e Etnologia (São Paulo) (15/16): 337-46
  • Gadley Belchior Barga
H6/KUL [SAO PAULO-]0103-9709English summary
Conservation, intervention and restoration in ethnographic objects: methodological suggestions2005/2006 Revista do Museu de Arqueologia e Etnologia (São Paulo) (15/16): 347-55
  • Aivone Carvalho
  • Dulcilla Lúcia de Oliveira Silva
H6/KUL [SAO PAULO-]0103-9709English summary
The Čerešník's mill in Nova Lhota2005 Národopisná revue 3: 162-6, 204
  • Petra Kalábová
H6/KVL [NARODOPISNE-]8062-8351English and German summaries
Freeing the double. Beauty will be convulsive: on a collection of vodoo art2005 Gradhiva 1: 56-69
  • Rachel Beauvoir-Dominique
H6 [GRADHIVA-]0764-8928in thematic issue 'Haïti & l'anthropologie'; English summary
On site heat treatment for large-size ethnographic objects2004 Bulletin of the National Museum of Ethnology. Osaka 28 (4): 539-70
  • Naoko Sonoda
  • Shingo Hidaka
  • Tsuneyuki Morita
H6 'OSAKA-'0385-180XEnglish summary
The exhibition and conservation of African objects: considering the nontangible2004 Art tribal 7: 108-19
  • Stephen P. Mellor
**H6/KFY [WORLD-]1660-3680
Recent perspectives for curatorship of ethnographic collections2004 Revista do Museu de Arqueologia e Etnologia (São Paulo) 14: 279-89
  • Aivone Carvalho
  • Dulcilla de Oliveira Silva
  • Gedley Belchior Braga
H6/KUL [SAO PAULO-]0103-9709English summary
On the influence of C6H4C12 in the corrosion of the palcore2003 Kultura popullore 1/2: 137-46
  • Frederik Stamati
H6/KVP 'KULTURA-'English summary
The curator-conservator collaboration. Remembering Roy Sieber2003 African arts 36 (2): 44-55, 95
  • Dana Moffett
  • Stephen Mellor
H6/KFY [AFRICAN-]0001-9933
The Slovak National Museum - from where to where?2003 Zborník slovenského národného Múzea: etnografia 97 (44): 9-13
  • Peter Maráky
H6/KVL [SLOVENSKE-]0139-5475
The race to save Afghan culture2002 Archaeology 55 (3): 19-25
  • Kristin M. Romey
Pesticide contamination of Native American objects: an overview of a working conference on the problems and its resolution2002 Museum anthropology 25 (2): 61-6
  • Lee Davis
  • Niccolo Caldararo
  • Pete Palmer
H6 'MUSEUM-'0892-8339
Fate of cultural heritage in inter-war Lithuania2002 Lietuvos istorijos metraštis 1: 77-98
  • Giedre Jankevičiūtė
H6/KVT [LIETUVOS-]0202-3342English summary
Desinsectación por anoxia2002 Anales del Museo Nacional de Antropología 9: 117-26
  • Maria Teresa de-León-Sotelo y Amate
H6/KVE [ANALES-]1135-1853
Sensibilities in conservation2001 Journal of museum ethnography 13: 50-4
  • Sherry Doyal
*H6 [JOURNAL-]0954-7169in special section 'Papers originating from MEG conference 2000, Developing dialogues: museums and their communities, Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter'
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