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A natural history of human tree climbing2014 Journal of human evolution 71: 105-18
  • Nathaniel J. Dominy
  • Thomas S. Kraft
  • Vivek V. Venkataraman
H6/HB [JOURNAL-]0047-2484in special issue 'The other faunivory: the significance of insects & insect resources for nonhuman primates, modern humans, & extinct hominins'
Allomaternal nursing in humans2014 Current anthropology 55 (2): 200-29
  • Barry S. Hewlett
  • Steve Winn
H6 [CURRENT-]0011-3204with comments and reply
Changing language, remaining Pygmy2012 Human biology 84 (1): 11-43
  • Serge Bahuchet
H6/HB [HUMAN-]0018-7143
African Pygmies, what's behind a name?2012 Human biology 84 (1): 1-10
  • Giovanni Destro-Bisol
  • Paul Verdu
H6/HB [HUMAN-]0018-7143
Life amidst chaos. In a forest filled with its own dangers, DRC violence continues to trample the Efe and Lese2005 Cultural survival quarterly 29 (1): 20-3
  • David S. Wilkie
H6/KD [CULTURAL-]0740-3291in thematic issue 'Violent conflict'
A comparative ethnobotany of the Mbuti and Efe hunter gatherers in the Ituri forest, Democratic Republic of Congo2003 African study monographs 24 (1/2): 1-168
  • Hideaki Terashima
  • Mitsuo Ichikawa
0285-1601monographic issue
Recent advances in central African hunter-gatherer research2003 African study monographs 28: 1-6
  • Daiji Kimura
  • Mitsuo Ichikawa
H6/KY 'AFRICAN-'0285-1601introduction to supplementary issue 'Recent advances in central African hunter-gatherer research'
Names, use and attributes of plants and animals among the Ituri forest foragers: a comparative ethnobotanical and ethnozoological study2003 African study monographs 28: 7-24
  • Hideaki Terashima
H6/KY 'AFRICAN-'0285-1601in supplementary issue 'Recent advances in central African hunter-gatherer research'
Forest foragers: the life of Efe pygmies in the Democratic Republic of Congo (2)2001 Cultural survival quarterly 24 (4): 66-9
  • David S. Wilkie
  • Gilda A. Morelli
Rethinking methods and concepts of anthropological studies on African Pygmies' world view: the creator-God and the dead2001 African study monographs supplementary issue 27: 29-42
  • Masato Sawada
0286-9667in thematic issue 'Symbolic categories and ritual practice in hunter-gatherer experiences'
Cooperative reproduction in Ituri forest hunter-gatherers: who cares for Efe infants?2000 Current anthropology 41 (5): 856-66
  • Paula K. Ivey
H6 [CURRENT-]0011-3204
Prevalence of dental caries and malocclusion amongst Efe (pygmy) and Lese (villager) children living in the Ituri forest, N.E. of the Democratic Republic of Congo1998 Biométrie humaine et anthropologie 16 (3/4): 101-7
  • C. Carels
English summary
Encounters with the dead among the Efe and the Balese in the Ituri forest: mores and ethnic identity shown by the dead1998 African study monographs 25: 85-104
  • Masato Sawada
Honey and holidays: the interactions mediated by honey between Efe hunter-gatherers and Lese farmers in the Ituri forest1998 African study monographs 25: 123-34
  • Hideaki Terashima
Roads and development in eastern Congo. Declining livelihoods and growing self-reliance among the Lese and Efe1997 Cultural survival quarterly 21 (3): 39-41
  • David S. Wilkie
The ecology of birth seasonality among agriculturalists in central Africa1992 Journal of biosocial Science 24 (3): 393-412
  • RobertC Bailey
Houses, clans, and cloth: modeling an inter-ethnic economy in Zaire1992 Museum anthropology 16 (3): 41-52
  • R R Grinker
Dermatoglyphics of the Efe Pygmies1992 Anthropologischer Anzeiger 50: 145-55
  • M F Pospišil
German summary