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Postnatal maturation of the sternum in a Portuguese skeletal sample: a variable ossification process2019 Anthropologischer Anzeiger 76 (4): 319-31
  • Andrew T. Chamberlain
  • Hugo F. V. Cardoso
  • Vanessa Campanacho
The upper limb of Homo naledi2017 Journal of human evolution 104: 155-73
  • Christopher S. Walker
  • David J. Green
  • Elen M. Feuerriegel
  • John Hawks
  • Peter Schmid
H6/HB [JOURNAL-]0047-2484
Biometric sex estimation using the scapula and clavicle in a modern Greek population2017 Anthropologischer Anzeiger 74 (3): 241-6
  • Aimilia E. Koukiasa
  • Constantine Eliopoulos
  • Sotiris K. Manolis
Changes in clavicle length and maturation in Americans: 1840-19802016 Human biology 88 (1): 76-83
  • Natalie R. Langley
  • Sandra Cridlin
H6/HB [HUMAN-]0018-7143in special issue 'The effect of novel environments on modern American skeletons'
Adult Neanderthal cavicles from the El Sidrón site (Asturias, Spain) in the context of Homo pectoral girdle evolution2016 Journal of human evolution 95: 55-67
  • Almudena Estalrrich
  • Antonia Rosas
  • Francisco Javier Rodrigues-Perez
  • Markus Bastir
  • Rosa Huguet
H6/HB [JOURNAL-]0047-2484
Humeral torsion does not dictate shoulder position, but does influence throwing speed2015 Journal of human evolution 85: 206-11
  • Brian G. Richmond
  • Neil T. Roach
H6/HB [JOURNAL-]0047-2484reply to S Larson see this issue, 198-205
Humeral torsion and throwing proficiency in early human evolution2015 Journal of human evolution 85: 198-205
  • Susan G. Larson
H6/HB [JOURNAL-]0047-2484reply to 'Clavicle length, throwing performance and the reconstruction of the Homo erectus shoulder' by N Roach and B Richmond in J hum Evol 2015 (80), 107-13
Identification of sex of human clavicles from north Karnataka zone2014 The Anthropologist 17 (3): 917-20
  • Shobha
  • C.R. Vasudeva Murthy
  • Sailaja C. Math
  • Vijakumar B. Jatti
Anthropological age estimation with bone histomorphometry from the human clavicle2014 The Anthropologist 17 (3): 929-36
  • Go-Un Jung
  • Seung-Gyu Chi
  • U-Young Lee
  • Yi-Suk Kim
Alternations of cervical vertebrae in two individuals form the late antiquity necropolis from the 'Big Mound' near Cabyle, Bulgaria2011 Papers on anthropology 20: 359-67
  • Victoria Russeva
H6/HB [PAPERS-]1406-0140
Fracture trauma in the Slavonic population from Pohansko u Břeclavi (Czech Republic)2009 Anthropologie (Brno) 47 (3): 243-52
  • Eva Drozdová
  • Kateřina Konašová
  • Václav Smrčka
The Omo I hominin clavicle: archaic or modern?2008 Journal of human evolution 55 (3): 438-43
  • Jean-Luc Voisin
H6/HB [JOURNAL-]0047-2484in special issue 'Paleoanthropology of the Kibish Formation, southern Ethiopia'; French summary
The measurement of male clavicle and the estimations of the maximum length2008 Acta anthropologica sinica 27 (2): 153-7
  • Dun-lin Wang
  • Hong Chen
  • Shao-ping Shi
  • Yi-qun Mao
H6/HB [ACTA-]1000-3139English summary
The sexing of the Chinese Han clavicles with fisher's linear discriminant functions2001 Acta anthropologica sinica 20 (3): 209-16
  • Tian Xue-mei
  • Zhang Ji-zong
1000-3193English summary
New anthropological data on neolithic and bronze age populations of the Altai2000 Archaeology, ethnology and anthropology of Eurasia (1): 139-48
  • T. A. CHikisheva
H6/KE [ARCHAEOLOGY-]1563-0110
Do big females have big pelves?2000 American journal of physical anthropology 112 (3): 377-93
  • Robert G. Tague
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]0002-9483
Evolution of the shoulder girdle with special reference to the problems of the clavicle1992 Journal of the Anthropological Society of Nippon 100 (4): 391-404
  • N Inuzuka