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The alimentary forms of religious life: technologies of the other, lenience, and the ethics of Ethiopian Orthodox fasting2018 Social analysis 62 (3): 21-41
  • Diego Malara
H6/KF [SOCIAL-]0155-977Xin special section 'Discipline and lenience in religious systems'
The ruler's fast: fish consumption in the cuisine of Sigismund Augustus (1544-1572), Grand Duke of Lithuania2018 Lituanistica 64 (3): 179-78
  • Neringa Dambrauskaitė
H6/KVT [LITUANISTICA-]0235-716Xin thematic section 'History'; English summary
Food and nutrition in the medieval Slavonic penitentials2018 Bulgarska etnologiia 44 (4): 400-20
  • Desislava Naĭdenova
H6/KVR [BULGARSKA-]1310-5213in special issue 'Food and public space'; English summary
This kind only comes out by prayer (and fasting): fasting, ritual efficacy and magical thinking in early Christianity2017 Journal of ritual studies 31 (1): 43-52
  • Brandon Walker
H6/KFO [JOURNAL-]0990-1112
The sculpture of a Huehue in Berlin2017 Mexicon 39 (6): 145-50
  • Stephanie Teufel
*H6/KUL [MEXICON-]0720-5988
How to attract game? Fasting and performing magical songs in Wampis huntig activities (Jivaro)2017 Journal de la Société des Américanistes 103 (2): 81=109
  • Paul Codjia
H6/KUB [SOCIETE-]0037-9174English and French summaries
Regional motifs of bidding farewell to winter and greeting spring in Shrovetide rites in Belarusian Polesie2017 Vestsi Akademii Navuk Belarusi 2: 82-90
  • A.I. Liashkevich
H6/KVY [AKADEMIYA NAVUK BYELARUSKAY SSR. Vestsi seryya hramadskikh navuk]0321-1649in thematic section 'Art history, ethnography, folklore'; Russian and English summaries
The impact of religious factors on the north-west population of Belarus at the end of the 19th century2015 International journal of anthropology 30 (3/4): 249-55
  • V.S. Krumplevskiĭ
H6/HB [INTERNATIONAL-]0393-9383in special issue 'Belarusian anthropology - 50 years of development'
Fasts and feasts in Estonians' representations of the Seto culture2014 Journal of ethnology and folkloristics 8 (1): 53-73
  • Andreas Kalkun
H6/KVT [JOURNAL-]1736-6518
Embodying the past: Gelongma Palmo and Tibetan Nyungne rituals2013 Journal of ritual studies 27 (2): 45-63
  • Tanya Zivkovic
H6/KFO [JOURNAL-]0990-1112
Devoción y sacrificio. La búsqueda de Dios a través de los aposentos en el neopentecostalismo2013 Alteridades 23 (45): 63-77
  • Alicia Muñoz Vega
H6/KF [ALTERIDADES-]0188-7017in thematic section 'Las formas contemporaneas de la vida religiosa'; English summary
Naturalism's dietary discourse: from fasting fads to Sinclaire's social reforms2013 Food Culture and Society 16 (4): 633-49
  • Cara Erdheim
H6/KF [FOOD-]1528-9796
Framework charity: Marranos from Spain and France from the 16th century to the 18th century2013 Archives de sciences sociales des religions 58 (162): 143-60
  • Natalia Muchnik
H6/KFO [ARCHIVES-]0335-5985English and Spanish summaries
Intergenerational effects of in utero exposure to Ramadan in Tunisia2013 American journal of human biology 25 (3): 341-3
  • A. Harrath
  • C. Osmond
  • J.S. Aljarallah
  • S.H. Alwasel
  • Z. Abotalib
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]1042-0533
Krishna's prasadam "eating our way back to godhead"2012 Material religion 8 (4): 440-65
  • Anna S. King
H6/KFO [MATERIAL-]1743-2200
'Rich' and 'poor' food: food markers of sociocultural hierarchies2012 Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 5: 13-23
  • Igor' Alekseevich Morozov
H6/KVY [ETNOGRAFICHESKOE-]0869-5415in special section 'Food preferences and the construction of identity'; English summary
The sacral universe of the Kachalnoe day (before St Peter's fast) in the Russian agrarian calendar2012 Lietuvos etnologija (NS) 12 (21): 145-65
  • Liudmila A. Tulceva
H6/KVT [LIETUVOS-]1392-4028in special issue 'Ethnology of religion and folk religiosity'; English summary
Russian fasting ceremonies as witnessed by foreigners (15th-18th centuries)2011 Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 2: 51-66
  • Tat'iana Andreevna Voronina
H6/KVY [ETNOGRAFICHESKOE-]0869-5415English summary
Anthropopoiesis, embodiment and religious ritual in Morocco: toward a new theoretical approach2011 Journal of Mediterranean studies 20 (1): 163-77
  • Carlo Capello
H6 [JOURNAL-]1016-3476in special issue 'History, culture and society in the Mediterranean world'
Responsiveness of the reproductive axis to a single missed evening meal in young adult males2010 American journal of human biology 22 (6): 775-81
  • Benjamin C. Trumble
  • Eleanor Brindle
  • Kathleen A. O'Connor
  • Michalina Kupsik
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]1042-0533
The determinant of Islamic fasting and prayer times at high-latitude locations: historical review and new astronomical solutions2009 Archaeoastronomy 22: 96-111
  • Karim Mexiane
  • Nidhal Guessoum
*H6/KE [ARCHAEOASTRONOMY-]0190-9940Spanish summary
National customary-ritual culture of the autumnal calendar holidays of the Rivne Polissia2009 Narodna tvorchist’ ta etnohrafiya 4/5: 67-74
  • Natalia Stishova
H6/KVY [NARODNA-]0130-6936English summary
Immoderation in eating and drinking: gluttony in ritual discourse and picaresque literature2008 Literatura ludowa 52 (2): 13-25
  • Katarzyna Łeńska-Bąk
H6/KVM [LITERATURA-]0024-4708English summary
All Souls' Day in the system of Bulgarian traditional customs2006 Ethnologia bulgarica 3: 138-51
  • Valentina Vaseva
H6/KVR [ETHNOLOGIA-]1311-0918
The folk calendar on southern Russia (the Maslenitsa spring festival)2006 Zhivaia Starina (NS) 4: 17-19
  • T. V. Makhracheva
H6/KVY [ZHIVAIA-]0204-3432
Cultural code and livestock life-cycle2005 Etnografski problemi na narodnata dukhovna kultura 7: 224-60
  • V. Vaseva
H6/KVR [ETNOGRAFSKI-]English summary
'Different time' within the rhythm of Lithuanian youth life2005 Lietuvos etnologija (NS) 5 (14): 35-52
  • Žilvytis Šaknys
H6/KVT [LIETUVOS-]1392-4028English summary
Traditional forms of practicing Islam among peoples of Kabardino-Balkaria2005 Rasy i narody 31: 180-204
  • L. T. Solov'eva
Islam and traweh prayers in Java: unity, diversity, and cultural smoothness2005 Indonesia and the Malay world 33 (95): 37-52
  • Andre Möller
H6/KX [INDONESIA-]1363-9811
Hunger, fasts and famines as cultural phenomena2004 Narodna tvorchist’ ta etnohrafiya 3: 83-6
  • Lidiia Artiukh
H6/KVY [NARODNA-]0130-6936
'All Souls' Day' in the system of Bulgarian folk rituals2002 Bulgarska etnologiia 28 (1): 5-40
  • Valentina Vaseva
1310-5213English summary
Impressionen aus dem Jemen2002 Jemen-Report 33 (1): 12-17
  • Gudrun Orth
Sacrifice and the imperial cult of Confucius2002 History of religions 41 (3): 251-87
  • Thomas A. Wilson
Marriage season in Slovenia in the second half of the 19th century2001 Traditiones: acta Instituti Ethnographiae Slovenorum 30 (2): 53-64
  • Irena Rožman
0352-0447English summary
Between fasting and feasting: the literary and archaeobotanical evidence for monastic diet in late antiquity Egypt2001 Antiquity 75 (290): 758-68
  • Mary Harlow
  • Wendy Smith
H6/KE [ANTIQUITY-]0003-598X
Retiro y ayuno: algunas prácticas religiosas de las mujeres andalusíes2000 Al-Qanṭara 21 (2): 471-80
  • Manuela Marín
0211-3589in monographic section 'Experiencias religiosas y pertenencia a la comunidad' with introduction by M García-Arenal, 389; English summary
Is fasting insulin associated with blood pressure in obese children?2000 Annals of human biology 27 (5): 499-506
  • A. M. Manzieri
  • E. Pagliato
  • G. Bedogni
  • L. Iughetti
  • M. Ferrari
0301-4460French and German summaries
Russian Orthodox fasts an the peculiarities of their practice at the end of the 19th century1999 Studies in folklore and popular religion 3: 73-86
  • Tatiana Voronina
The theology of [fast day] cosmetics (Mt 6:16-18)1999 Journal of ritual studies 13 (1): 1-6
  • Etan Levine
H6/KFO [JOURNAL-]0890-1112
Weibliches Fasten und christliche Traditionen1999 Paragrana: internationale Zeitschrift für historische Anthropologie 8 (1): 11-25
  • Christina von Braun
0938-0116in special issue 'Askese]
Porfiry Ivanov's system of natural healing in Kazakhstan1998 Lud 82: 223-52
  • Danuta Penkala-Gawęcka
0076-1435English summary
Ernahrung wahrend der Fastenzeit in den griechisch-katolischen Dorfern des Bezirks Hajdú-Bihar1994 A Debreceni Déri Múzeum évkönyve 259-68
  • Márta Magyari
German summary