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The gold nun: a case of a gold ligature from the 15th century and the origins of restorative dentistry in Europe2017 Anthropologischer Anzeiger 74 (4): 347-53
  • Catarina Leal
  • Eugénia Cunha
  • Isabel Poiares Baptista
  • Miguel Munhós
In memoriam: Jane Elizabeth Klose (30.10.1938-12.2.2016)2016 South African archaeological bulletin 71 (203): 99-100
  • Antonia Malan
  • Carmel Schrire
  • Martin Hall
H6/KE [SOUTH-]0038-1969
The earliest dental prosthesis in Celtic Gaul? The case of an iron age burial at La Chêne, France2014 Antiquity 88 (340): 488-500
  • Bruno Maureille
  • Emmanuel D'Incau
  • Guillaume Seguin
  • Pascal Murail
H6/KE [ANTIQUITY-]0003-598X
Dentistry in ancient Rome: direct evidence from extractions based on the teeth from excavations at the temple of Castor and Pollux in the Roman forum2014 International journal of anthropology 29 (4): 209-26
  • M. J. Becker
Historical and archaeological study on Louis XI's teeth2013 Biométrie humaine et anthropologie 31 (1/2): 59-66
  • X. Riaud
H6/HB [BIOTYPOLOGIE-]1279-7863English summary
Winter Texans and the re-creating of the American medical experience in Mexico2012 Medical anthropology 31 (1-2-3): 162-77
  • Matthew D. Dalstrom
H6/KGT [MEDICAL-]0145-9740
Evolution of human teeth and jaws: implications for dentistry and orthodontics2012 Evolutionary anthropology 21 (3): 94-5
  • Jerome C. Rose
  • John Sorrentino
  • Peter S. Ungar
H6/HB [EVOLUTIONARY-]1060-1538
Pulp chamber forms in upper and lower M1 and M2 teeth2011 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Srbije 46: 111-7
  • Ljiljana Tijanić
  • Miloš Tijanić
H6/KVP [ANTROPOLOSKO-]1820-7936English summary
The variability of number of cusps on upper M1 and M22011 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Srbije 46: 119-25
  • Ljiljana Tijanić
  • Mirjana Burić
  • Vesna Rusić-Tasić
H6/KVP [ANTROPOLOSKO-]1820-7936English summary
Morphological variations of upper premolars2011 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Srbije 46: 127-32
  • Donka Stojanović
  • Jelena Mladenović
  • Mirjana Janošević
H6/KVP [ANTROPOLOSKO-]1820-7936English summary
Morphological variations of lower premolars2011 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Srbije 46: 133-8
  • Donka Stojanović
  • Gordana Filipović
  • Ljiljana Tijanić
  • Mirjana Janošević
H6/KVP [ANTROPOLOSKO-]1820-7936English summary
In memoriam: Jovanka Jotić-Kozarov (17.12.1928-2010)2010 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Srbije 45: 523-4
  • Ljiljana Tijanić
History of French forensic dentistry2010 Biométrie humaine et anthropologie 28 (3-4): 135-40
  • X. Riaud
H6/HB [BIOTYPOLOGIE-]1279-7863English summary
Comparison of differences and methods in measurement of edentulous ridges on panoramic radiographs2008 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Srbije 43: 153-61
  • Srđan D. Poštić
H6/KVP [ANTROPOLOSKO-]1820-7936English summary
Shape of the mandibular crown of M1 and M22008 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Srbije 43: 134-9
  • Lj. Tijanić
  • S. Šljivić
  • V. Rusić-Tasić
H6/KVP [ANTROPOLOSKO-]1820-7936English summary
John Wilkes Booth (1838-1865) and Lewis Thornton Powell (1844-1865): controversial identification of two southern conspirators found guilty of Abraham Lincoln's death2008 Biométrie humaine et anthropologie 26 (1/2): 57-62
  • X. Riaud
H6/HB [BIOTYPOLOGIE-]1279-7863English summary
Measurement of the height of the bone ridge between molars and the corpus of the mandible on panoramic radiographs of natural dentition subjects2008 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Srbije 43: 148-52
  • Srđan D. Poštić
H6/KVP [ANTROPOLOSKO-]1820-7936English summary
Significance of morpho-functional particularity of the tooth in practical odontology2007 Papers on anthropology 16: 180-5
  • Irina Konstantinovna Lutskaya
  • Natalia Vladimirovna Novak
H6/HB [PAPERS-]1406-0140
Early dentistic practice in italian neolithic site of Gaione (Parma)2007 Origini 39 (4): 221-5
  • Dario Mazza
  • Mario Marini
  • Paolo Primicerio
  • Simone Mantini
  • Stefano Del Monte
H6/KE [ORIGINI-]0034-6805Italian summary
Dental modification in the postclassic population from Lamanai, Belize2006 Ancient Mesoamerica 17 (1): 139-51
  • Christine D. White
  • Jocelyn S. Williams
*H6/KE [ANCIENT-]0956-5361Spanish summary
Iatrogenic molar borings in 18th and early 19th century Native American dentitions2005 American journal of physical anthropology 127 (1): 7-12
  • Edward A. Thibodeau
  • John C. Seidel
  • John G. Aghajanian
  • Roger H. Colten
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]0002-9483
Die Durchbruchszeiten der bleibenden Zähne bei Jungen und Mädchen im Landkreis Stormarn, Schleswig-Holstein (Deutschland)2005 Anthropologischer Anzeiger 63 (2): 189-97
  • J. S. Wedl
  • R. E. Friedrich
  • R. Schmelzle
H6/HB [ANTHROPOLOGISCHER-]0003-5548English summary
A new dental chart, tool of individual recognition2004 Biométrie humaine et anthropologie 22 (1-2): 1-6
  • Pierre Fronty
H6/HB [BIOTYPOLOGIE-]1279-7863in thematic issue 'Biométrie humaine & reconnaissance individuelle. Aspects anthropologiques, méthodologiques et législatifs'; English summary
A second drilled tooth from prehistoric western North America2004 American antiquity 69 (2): 356-60
  • Christy G. Turner II
*H6/KE [AMERICAN-]0002-7316Spanish summary
An early eighteenth-century denture from Rochester, Kent, England2004 Antiquity 78 (302): 858-64
  • A. R. Ogden
  • S. O'Connor
  • T. Anderson
H6/KE [ANTIQUITY-]0003-598X
Variation in crown and root formation and eruption of human deciduous teeth2004 American journal of physical anthropology 123 (2): 172-80
  • H. M Liversidge
  • T. Molleson
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]0002-9483
El uso ritual del cuerpo en el México prehispánico2004 Arqueología mexicana 11 (65): 42-7
  • Zaid Lagunas Rodríguez
0188-8218in thematic issue 'Ser humano en en México antiguo'
A second drilled tooth from prehistoric western North America2004 American antiquity 69 (2): 356-60
  • Christy G. Turner II
*H6/KE 'AMERICAN-'0002-7316Spanish summary
Dental anthropology at the University of Geneva2003 Dental anthropology 16 (2): 52-9
  • Jocelyn Desideri
  • Suzanne Eades
Dental asymmetry in a late Archaic and late prehistoric skeletal sample of the Ohio Valley area2003 Dental anthropology 16 (2): 33-44
  • Paul W. Sciulli
Professionalization, gender and female-dominated professions: dental hygiene in Ontario2003 Canadian review of sociology and anthropology 40 (3): 267-89
  • Tracey L. Adams
H6/KUB [CANADIAN-]0008-4948French summary
Analysis of colored teeth from precolumbian Tlatelolco: postmortem transformation or intravitam processes?2003 American journal of physical anthropology 120 (1): 73-82
  • C. Solis
  • J. E. Gama
  • J. Mansilla
  • M. E. Chávez-Lomeli
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]0002-9483
An analysis of [congenital] anomaly of number of permanent teeth in Bejing adolescents2003 Acta anthropologica sinica 22 (2): 145-9
  • Huo Yi-liang
  • Lu Bing-feng
  • Xu Mei-ru
1000-3193English summary
Sex differences in oral pathologies at the late classic Maya site of Xcambó, Yucatán2003 Dental anthropology 16 (2): 45-51
  • Andrea Cucina
  • Thelma Sierra Sosa
  • Vera Tiesler Blos
Neolithic tooth replacement in two disturbed burials from southern Egypt2003 Journal of archaeological science 30 (4): 281-5
  • Fred Wendorf
  • Joel D. Irish
  • Michal Kobusiewicz
  • Romuald Schild
Size stability of the maxillary lateral deciduous incisor2002 Anthropological Science 110 (4): 365-88
  • Yuji Mizoguchi
Morphological study of the dentino-enamel junction of the upper first deciduous molar2002 Anthropological Science 110 (4): 349-63
  • Eisaku Kanazawa
  • Hitoshi Makiguchi
  • Kayoko Sasaki
  • Kenji Yoshino
Japanese deciduous tooth size: past and present2002 Anthropological Science 110 (4): 335-47
  • Atsushi Rokutanda
  • Joichi Oyamada
  • Yoshikazu Kitagawa
  • Yoshitaka Manabe
Actividades rituales en Xochitécatl-Cacaxtla, Tlaxcala2001 Arqueología (Mexico) 25: 71-88
  • Jesus Carlos Lazcano Arce
  • Liliana Torres Sanders
  • Mari Carmen Serra Puche
Tissue contributions to sex and race: differences in tooth crown size of deciduous molars2001 American journal of physical anthropology 115 (3): 223-37
  • Betsy D. Barcroft
  • Edward F. Harris
  • Joseph D. Hicks
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]0002-9483
Saltatory growth in children: consequences on the timing of the orthodontic treatment2001 Biométrie humaine et anthropologie 19 (1/2): 37-45
  • Jean-Paul Loreille
H6/HB [BIOTYPOLOGIE-]1279-7863in thematic issue 'Maturation: biométrie et anthropologie'; English summary
Decoraciones dentales entre los antiguos mayas, de Vera Tiesler Blos2001 Antropológicas 19: 79-80
  • Mercedes Mejía Sánchez
in thematic issue 'Rituales, fiestas, creencias y costumbres'
Modificações dentárias na primeira catedral do Brasil, Salvador, Bahia2001 Antropologia portuguesa 18: 119-41
  • Andersen Lírio
  • Claudia Rodrigues-Carvalho
  • Diana Maul de Carvalho
  • Sheila Mendonça de Souza
H6 'ANTROPOLOGIA-'0970-0990English summary
Tissue contributions to sex and race: differences in tooth crown size of deciduous molars2001 American journal of physical anthropology 117 (2): 194
  • Betsy D. Barcroft
  • Edward F. Harris
  • Joseph D. Hicks
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]0002-9483Amer J phys Anthrop 2001 (115:3), 223-37: erratum
Intra- and inter-population variability in mamelon expression on incisor teeth2000 Dental anthropology 14 (3): 1-6
  • Grant Townsend
  • Janet Fuss
  • Sassan Chegini-Farahini
H1/HCCT [DENTAL-]1096-9411
People of the samurai class kept their antemortem lost teeth2000 Dental anthropology 14 (1): 7-14
  • Atsushi Rokutanda
  • Joichi Oymada
  • Yoshikazu Kitagawa
  • Yoshitaka Manabe
La deformación de la dentatura como [decoración corporal]; distribución, motivos y aspectos culturales1999 Antropológicas 15: 51-8
  • K. W. Alt
Deliberate ante-mortem dental modification and its implications in archaeology, ethnography and anthropology1999 Papers from the Institute of Archaeology (London) 10: 37-53
  • Jim P. Mower
Representación social y creencias en la interacción población demandante /profesionales de servicios públicos de salud bucal de Rosario: aportes para aun diangóstico socio-odontológico1998 Cuadernos de antropología social (Nueva epoca) 10: 18, 191-200
  • Hector Vázquez
  • Maria Susana Azcoma
The odontology of Khants and the Finno-Ugric odontological type1998 Acta ethnographica Hungarica 3/4: 285-98
  • A. I. Dubov
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