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Imitation coral beads of painted Portland cement from the African trade2019 Bead forum (75): 1-4
  • Richard "Ted" Sibbick
  • Rosanna Falabella
H6/KGSB [BEAD-]0829-8727
Diasporas of and by design: exploring the unholy alliance between museums and the diffusion of Navajo (Diné) textile designs2019 Histories of anthropology annual 13: 111-49
  • Kathy M'Closkey
H1 [HISTORIES-]1557-637X
Documentary evidence: navigating identity and credibility in Africa’s urban estuaries2019 African studies 78 (1): 74-90
  • Alex Wafer
  • Jacob Rasmussen
H6/KY [BANTU-]0002-0184in special section 'Aspiration, exclusion and belonging in South Africa and Kenya
Deciphering Katsina: how to identify vintage katsina dolls2018 Native American art 13: 58-65
  • Mark Sublette
H6/KUB [NATIVE-]2469-6137in special issue 'The Katsina issue'
The fantastic African blades of Tilman Hebeisen2018 Tribal art (88): 114-23
  • Ethan Rider
  • Wolf-Dieter Miersch
*H6/KFY [WORLD-]1354-2990
Four Iron Age silver hoards from southern Phoenicia: from bundles to hacksilber2018 Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research (379): 197-228
  • Ayelet Gilboa
  • Naama Yahalom-Mack
  • Ofir Tirosh
  • Sariel Shalev
  • Tzilla Eshel
  • Yigal Erel
H6/KW [AMERICAN-]0003-097X
Las Bocas: el infierno de los colleccionistas2018 Arqueología mexicana 25 (151): 80-3
  • Éric Taladoire
*H6/KUL [ARQUEOLOGIA-]0188-8218in thematic issue 'Cuicuilco: estudios recientes y nuevos datos'
Islam in Champa and the making of factitious history2018 Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society (Series 3) 28 (4): 717-47
  • Stephen G. Haw
H6/KW [ROYAL-]1356-1863
From drug safety to drug security: a contemporary shift in the policing of health2018 Medical anthropology quarterly (New Series) 32 (3): 365-83
  • Julia Horneberger
H6/KGT [MEDICAL-]0745-5194
Art Négre and its forgers2018 Tribal art (8): 68-9
  • Jeanne Walschot
*H6/KFY [WORLD-]1354-2990in special bilingual issue 'An unrivaled museum: the reopening of the RMCA and its long-term exhibition 'Unrivaled art'; also in French
The survival con: fraud and forgery in the Republic of Biafra, 1976-702017 Journal of African history 58 (1): 129-44
  • Samuel Fury Childs Daly
*H6/KY [JOURNAL-]0021-8537
Authenticity of the Grolier Codex remains in doubt2017 Mexicon 39 (4): 88-95
  • Bruce Love
*H6/KUL [MEXICON-]0720-5988Spanish and German summaries
Oblivious title: on the political time of land tenure in postwar Peru2017 Anthropological quarterly 90 (3): 637-73
  • Richard Kernaghan
H6 [PRIMITIVE-]0003-5491
Product of the art market? The representation of silver corncobs at the Ethnologisches Museum in Berlin2017 Bulletin de l’Institut Français d’Etudes andines 46 (1): 291-305
  • Elena Gómez-Sánchez
  • Hermann Born
  • Ina Reiche
  • Kai Engelhart
  • Manuela Fischer
  • Regine-Ricarda Pausewein
  • Stefan Röhrs
H6/KUL [INSTITUT-]0303-7495in special issue 'La orfebrería en los Andes en la época inca (siglos XV - XVI)'; Spanish and French summaries
Paper documents and copper-plates: localization of hegemonic practices2016 Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies (London) 79 (1): 87-101
  • Pushkar Sohoni
H6/KW [LONDON-]0041-977X
Counterfeit money, starring Patty Hearst2016 Colonial Latin American review 25 (1): 98-121
  • Byron Ellsworth Hamann
*H6/KUL [COLONIAL-]1060-9164in special issue 'Transpacific: beyond silk and silver'
A new Canek group forgery2016 Ethnohistory 63 (4): 721-8
  • Markus Eberl
Fabrication verification, authentication: an introduction2016 Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society 160 (1): 1-5
  • Michael Silverstein
H6 [AMERICAN-]0003-49Xintroduction to thematic issue 'From the symposium Fabrication, Verification, Authentication 24 April 2015'
Can a genuine Picasso be a fake?2016 Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society 160 (1): 6-17
  • Yve-Alain Bois
H6 [AMERICAN-]0003-49Xin thematic issue 'From the symposium Fabrication, Verification, Authentication 24 April 2015'
Lay assaying and the scientific citizen2016 Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society 160 (1): 18-25
  • Adrian Johns
H6 [AMERICAN-]0003-49Xin thematic issue 'From the symposium Fabrication, Verification, Authentication 24 April 2015'
A syntax of forgery2016 Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society 160 (1): 26-36
  • Christopher P. Jones
H6 [AMERICAN-]0003-49Xin thematic issue 'From the symposium Fabrication, Verification, Authentication 24 April 2015'
Forging the moon2016 Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society 160 (1): 37-72
  • Nick Wilding
H6 [AMERICAN-]0003-49Xin thematic issue 'From the symposium Fabrication, Verification, Authentication 24 April 2015'
Romani or pseudo-Romani? On the Lord's prayer in 'Nubian' by Jean-Baptiste Gramaye (1622)2016 Romani studies 26 (2): 175-86
  • Ignasi-Xavier Adiego
H6 [GYPSY-]1528-0748
Policing the unstable materialities of digital-media piracy in Brazil2016 American ethnologist 43 (3): 424-36
  • Alexander S. Dent
H6 [AMERICAN-]0094-0496Portuguese summary
Intellectual property, piracy, and counterfeiting2016 Annual review of anthropology 45: 17-31
  • Alexander S. Dent
H1 [BIENNIAL-]0084-6570
A note on the tombstone of Master Pu and the Xishan Zazhi2016 Bijdragen tot de taal-, land- en volkenkunde 172 (4): 510-37
  • Johannes Kurtz
H6/KX [BIJDRAGEN-]0006-2294
Cui bono? Thoughts about a 'reconsideration' of the Tărtăria tablets2016 Dacia (New Series) 60: 281-92
  • Attila László
H6/KE [DACIA-]0070-251XRomanian summary
James Edward Little: dealer, faker, inept thief2015 Tribal art (76): 120-9
  • Hermione Waterfield
*H6/KFY [WORLD-]1354-2990
China's 'fake' Apple store: branded space, intellectual property and the global culture industry2014 Theory, culture and society 31 (4): 71-96
  • Fan Yang
H6 [THEORY-]0263-2764
Post-mortem restorations in ancient Egyptian animal mummies using imaging2014 Papers on anthropology 23 (1): 9-17
  • Lidija M. McKnight
  • Stephanie D. Atherton-Woolham
H6/HB [PAPERS-]1406-0140in special issue 'Mummy studies'
Brands and their surfeits2013 Cultural anthropology 28 (1): 111-26
  • Constantine V. Nakassis
H6 [CULTURAL-]0886-7356in thematic section 'Brand neoliberalism'
Clesn fake: authenticating documents and persons in migrant Moscow2013 American ethnologist 40 (3): 508-24
  • Madeleine Reeves
H6 [AMERICAN-]0094-0496
Hoaxes and folklore: inscriptions associated with the Vergulde Draak (1656) and Zuiddorp (1712) shipwrecking events2013 Australian archaeology (77): 52-65
  • Mark E. Polzer
  • Peter J. Downes
  • Wendy van Duivenvoorde
*H6/KE [AUSTRALIAN-]0312-2417
Illegal anthropology: an introduction2013 Polar: political and legal anthropology review 36 (2): 211-14
  • Kedron Thomas
  • Rebecca B. Galemba
H6/KF [APLA-]1081-6976in special issue 'Symposium on illegal anthropology'
Smugglers, Fayuqueros, Piratas: transitory commodities and illegality in the trade of pirated CDs in Mexico2013 Polar: political and legal anthropology review 36 (2): 249-65
  • José Carlos G. Aguiar
H6/KF [APLA-]1081-6976in special issue 'Symposium on illegal anthropology'
Fakes: crisis in conceptions of value in neoliberal Togo2012 Cahiers d'études africaines 52 (1): 237-58
  • Nina Sylvanus
H6/KY [CAHIERS-]0008-0055French summary
Piracy, circulatory legitimacy, and neoliberal subjectivity in Brazil2012 Cultural anthropology 27 (1): 28-49
  • Alexander S. Dent
H6 [CULTURAL-]0886-7356in thematic issue 'Future of neoliberalism'
Copias y falsos2012 Boletín de Lima 34 (167): 47-51
  • Francisco E. Iriarte Brenner
*H6/KE [BOLETIN-]0253-0015English and German summaries
DVD compilations of Hindi film songs: (re)shuffling sound, stardom, and cinephilia2012 South Asian popular culture 10 (3): 237-48
  • Monika Mehta
H6/KW [SOUTH-]1474-6689in thematic issue 'The music issue'; with introduction by N Bhattacharja and P Kvetko, 219-21
The Panda Man and the Anti-Counterfeiting Hero: art, activism and appropriation in contemporary China2012 Journal of visual culture 11 (1): 20-37
  • Winnie Won Yin Wong
H6/KF [JOURNAL-]1470-4129
The duplicity of paper: counterfeit, discretion, and bureaucratic authority in early colonial Madras2012 Comparative studies in society and history 54 (2): 229-50
  • Bhavani Raman
H6/KF [COMPARATIVE-]0010-4175
Rethinking fakes, authenticating selves2012 Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (New Series) 18 (4): 846-63
  • Magdalena Crăcium
H6 [JOURNAL-]1359-0987French summary
Understanding the war on piracy, or why we need more anthropology of pirates2012 Anthropological quarterly 85 (3): 659-72
  • Alexander Sebastian Dent
H6 [PRIMITIVE-]0003-5491introduction to special section 'Pirates and piracy, broadly conceived'
Counterfeiting what? Aesthetics of brandedness and BRAND in Tamil Nadu, India2012 Anthropological quarterly 85 (3): 701-22
  • Constantine V. Nakassis
H6 [PRIMITIVE-]0003-5491in special section 'Pirates and piracy, broadly conceived'
On the fringes of grandiose auctions: shabby manipulations2012 Arts & cultures : 226-35
  • Jean Paul Barbier-Mueller
Brand, citationality, performativity2012 American anthropologist 114 (4): 624-38
  • Constantine V. Nakassis
*H6 [AMERICAN-]0002-7294French summary
Identifying a forged Maya manuscript in Unesco's World Digital Library2011 Ancient Mesoamerica 22 (1): 155-66
  • Hanns J. Prem
  • Markus Eberl
*H6/KE [ANCIENT-]0956-5361Spanish summary
Identification of a possible engraved Venus from Prědmostí, Czech Republic2011 Journal of archaeological science 38 (3): 672-83
  • Duncan Caldwell
  • Francesco D'Errico
  • Martina Lázničková-Galetová
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
Can an archaeological excavation lie?2011 Terrain 57: 49-65, 173
  • Bruno Desachy
  • Dorothée Chaoui-Derieux
  • Lcaire Besson
H6 [TERRAIN-]0760-5668in thematic issue 'Mentir'; English summary
The meaning of real and fake: the popular consumption in an ethnographic perspective2010 Revista de antropología (São Paulo) 53 (1): 321-59
  • Lucia Mury-Scalco
  • Rosana Pinheiro-Machado
H6/KUL [REVISTA-]0034-7701English summary