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Conceptualizing the human body within practice theory2019 Social science information 58 (1): 121-40
  • Dimitri Giev
H6/KF [SOCIAL-]0539-0184French summary
Othering honor-based violence: the perspective of antiviolence operators in northern Italy2019 Human organization 78 (4): 325-34
  • Dorothy_Louise Zinn
  • Marina Della Rocca
H6/KF [APPLIED-]0018-7259
Global identification: the social identity behind the globalised sociocultural anthropologist2018 The Asia Pacific journal of anthropology 19 (3): 214-30
  • Alex Jong-Seok Lee
H6 [CANBERRA-]1444-2213in special issue 'Nativity seen in the anthropocene: contemporary fieldwork and subjective challenges'
Time and narrative: temporality, memory, and instant history of Balkan wars2018 Time and society 27 (2): 239-72
  • Albert Doja
  • Enika Abazi
H6 [TIME-]0961-463X
Translation as destruction: Kezilahabi's adaptation of Heiddeger's "being"2018 Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies (London) 81 (3): 439-57
  • Alena Rettová
H6/KW [LONDON-]0041-977Xin thematic issue 'Translating African thought and literature'
'Hijab envy': the visible angst of immigrant Christians in pluralist Canada2018 Journal of contemporary religion 33 (1): 53-69
  • Arlene Macdonlad
H6/KFO [JOURNAL-]1353-7903
Colonial hauntings: migrant care in a French hospital2018 Medical anthropology 37 (8): 659-73
  • Janina Kehr
H6/KGT [MEDICAL-]0145-9740in special issue 'Ghosts in the ward: health infrastructures and their hauntings'
"Race" versus "ethnicity"? Critical race essentialism and the exclusion and oppression of migrants in the Netherlands2017 Ethnic and racial studies 40 (3): 369-87
  • Hans Siebers
H6/KD [ETHNIC-]0141-9870
'A nine-month head-start': the maternal bond and surrogacy2017 Ethnos 82 (1): 86-104
  • Katharine Dow
H6 [ETHNOS-]0014-1844in thematic issue 'Nature and ethics'
The making of tribes: the Chang and Chakhesang Nagas in India's northeast2017 Contributions to Indian sociology (New Series) 51 (1): 79-104
  • Jelle J.P. Wouter
Trans-border minority activism and kin-state politics: the case of Iraqi Turkmen and Turkish interventionism2017 Anthropological quarterly 90 (1): 17-54
  • Güldem Baykal Büyüksaraç
H6 [PRIMITIVE-]0003-5491in special issue 'Inhabiting the margins: Middle Eastern minorities revisited'
The importance of being Ernest: a comment on Riga and Hall2017 Nations and nationalism 23 (3): 642-4
  • Hudson Meadwell
*H6/KF [NATIONS-]1354-5078see 'Jewish conditions, theories of nationalism: cartographical notes' by L Riga and JA Hall in Nations Nationalism 2016 (22):2, 371-90
Which nature for desire? ART, child desire and transmission2017 Anthropologie et sociétés 41 (2): 121-38
  • Séverine Mathieu
H6 [ANTHROPOLOGIE-]0702-8997in special issue 'Child desire and transmission desire'; English and Spanish summaries
From Jalsah to Jalsā: music, identity, and (gender) transitioning at a Jījṛā rite of initiation2017 Ethnomusicology 61 (3): 389-418
  • Jeff Roy
Don't all mothers love their children? Deposited infants as animate objects in the Scandinavian iron age2017 World archaeology 49 (3): 338-56
  • Marianne Hem Eriksen
H6/KE [WORLD-]0043-8243in thematic issue 'Counter archaeologies'
Reflections on the limitations imposed by the Zimbabwean state's essentialist interpretation of ethnicity, nationality, and identity on Yvonne Vera's representation of human rights in The stone virgins2017 Studies in ethnicity and nationalism 17 (2): 227-44
  • Lucas Mafu
H6/KF [STUDIES-]1473-8481
Identity without lack: reflecting on three memory images2017 Tautosakos Darbai (NS) 53: 31-46
  • Jurga Jonutytė
H6/KVT [TAUTOSAKOS-]1392-2831in special section 'Exploring everyday attitudes'; English summary
The consciousness of a partisan: rather die than be a slave2017 Tautosakos Darbai (NS) 53: 175-91
  • Algis Mickūnas
H6/KVT [TAUTOSAKOS-]1392-2831in special section 'From the history of fighting for freedom'; English summary
Definitions of Turkish in-group boundaries: national participation and essentialism as predictors of inter-group attitudes in Turkey2016 Nations and nationalism 22 (1): 143-64
  • Bengi Öner-Özkan
  • Nagihan Taşdemir
*H6/KF [NATIONS-]1354-5078
Becoming a Viking: DNA testing, genetic ancestry and placeholder identity2016 Ethnic and racial studies 39 (2): 162-80
  • Marc Scully
  • Steven D. Brown
  • Turi King
H6/KD [ETHNIC-]0141-9870in special issue 'The impact of diasporas: markers of identity'
The Asianization of national fantasies in Hungary: a critical analysis of political discourse2016 International journal of cultural studies 19 (3): 341-53
  • Chris Moreh
H6/KF [INTERNATIONAL-]1367-8779in special issue 'At home in Asia'
African philosophy as a radical critique2016 Journal of African cultural studies 28 (2): 127-31
  • Alena Rettová
*H6/KY [JOURNAL-]1369-6815introduction to thematic issue
Beyond essentialism: on Stuart Hall and Black British arts2016 International journal of cultural studies 19 (1): 11-27
  • Glenn Jordan
H6/KF [INTERNATIONAL-]1367-8779in special issue 'The worldliness of Stuart Hall'
Jewish conditions, theories of nationalism: cartographical notes2016 Nations and nationalism 22 (2): 371-90
  • John A. Hall
  • Liliana Riga
*H6/KF [NATIONS-]1354-5078
Contrasting lay theories of polyculturalism and multiculturalism: associations with essentialist beliefs of race in six Asian cultural groups2016 Cross-cultural research 50 (3): 231-50
  • Allan B.I. Bernardo
  • Bonar Hutapea
  • Maria Guadalupe C. Salanga
  • Susana Tjipto
  • Susanna S. Yeung
H6/KF [BEHAVIOR-]1069-3971
The persistence of exterme gender segregation in the twenty-first century2016 American journal of sociology 122 (2): 573-619
  • Asaf Levanon
  • David B. Grusky
H6/KF [AMERICAN-]0002-9602
An essentialist account of authenticity2016 Journal of cognition and culture 16 (3-4): 294-321
  • George E. Newman
H6 [JOURNAL-]1567-7095
Anti-nationalist nationalism: the paradox of Dutch national identity2016 Nations and nationalism 22 (3): 581-97
  • Jan Willem Duyvendak
  • Josip Kešić
*H6/KF [NATIONS-]1354-5078
Kinship past, kinship present: bio-essentialism in the study of kinship2016 American anthropologist 118 (3): 570-84
  • Robert A. Wilson
*H6 [AMERICAN-]0002-7294Spanish summary
The imagined West: exploring Occidentalism2016 Suomen antropologi 41 (2): 1-10
  • Henna-Riikka Pennanen
  • Jukka Jouhki
H6 [SUOMEN -]0355-3930introduction to thematic issue 'Occidentalism and the idea of the West'
“Orientate yourself, boy!”: What might anthropologists say to religious pastors, geneticists and so many “others” about the controversy over the causes of homosexuality?2016 Revista de antropología (São Paulo) 59 (1): 258-80
  • Peter Fry
  • Sergio Carrara
H6/KUL [REVISTA-]0034-7701English summary
Who's got the map? Scholarship, journalism and essentialism in writing on South African jazz2016 The World of Music 5 (2): 125-42
  • Gwen Ansell
H6/KFY [WORLD-]0043-8774in special issue 'South African jazz culture: texts, contexts, and subtexts'
The effects of recent ethnogenesis and migration histories on perception of ethnic group stability2015 Journal of cognition and culture 15 (1-2): 131-73
  • Brooke Scelza
  • Cristina Moya
H6 [JOURNAL-]1567-7095
Essentialism or an anthropological approach: the role and function of the scientific study of religion in a historical perspective2015 Numen 62 (2/3): 301-20
  • Jan Hjärpe
H6/KFO [NUMEN-]0029-5973
Do female marketing personnel (FMP) do better in service industries? Insight [into] female innate characteristics and female marketing capabilities (FMC)2015 The Anthropologist 19 (1): 259-76
  • Qinlan Chen
  • Xiangmin Zheng
Indigenous dances on stage: embodied knowledge at risk?2015 Journal for the anthropological study of human movement 22 (1)
  • Brenda Farnell
*H6/KFYW [JOURNAL-]1940-7610
Korean fan dance for fun: performing alterity in contemporary Japan2015 Ethnos 80 (2): 192-222
  • Youngmi Lim
H6 [ETHNOS-]0014-1844in special issue 'Commitment to alterity and its disavowal: the politics of display of belonging'
Introduction: taking up the cognitive challenge2015 Social anthropology 23 (2): 131-4
  • Denis Regnier
  • Rita Astuti
H6/KF [SOCIAL-]0964-0282in special issue
A non-essentialist theory of race: the case of an Afro-indigenous village in north Peru2015 Social anthropology 23 (2): 135-51
  • Tamara Hale
H6/KF [SOCIAL-]0964-0282in special issue 'Taking up the cognitive challenge'
Clean people, unclean people: the essentialisation of 'slaves' among the Betsileo of Madagascar2015 Social anthropology 23 (2): 152-68
  • Denis Regnier
H6/KF [SOCIAL-]0964-0282in special issue 'Taking up the cognitive challenge'
Trassingularities: the cognitive foundations of shamanism in northern Asia2015 Social anthropology 23 (2): 169-85
  • Charles Stépanoff
H6/KF [SOCIAL-]0964-0282in special issue 'Taking up the cognitive challenge'
"The one raised in ornament?" Gendering issues in the Qur'an2015 Hawwa: journal of women of the Middle East and the Islamic world 13 (1): 1-24
  • Samira al-Khawaldeh
H6/KW [HAWWA-]1569-2078
'So that we look more Gypsy': strategic performances and ambivalent discourses of Romani brass for the world music scene2015 Ethnomusicology forum 24 (2): 260-85
  • Alexander Marković
H6/KFYV [BRITISH-]1741-1912in special issue 'The new old Europe sound: claiming Balkan, Romani, and Klezmer music'
Foragers and fictions in the Kalahari: indigenous identities and the politics of deconstruction2015 Anthropological theory 15 (2): 158-78
  • Renee Sylvain
Reluctant pluralists: European Muslims and essentialist identities2015 Ethnic and racial studies 38 (11): 1868-85
  • Justin Gest
H6/KD [ETHNIC-]0141-9870in special issue 'Muslims, migration and citizenship: processes of inclusion and exclusion'
Struggles for the folk. Politics of culture in Czechoslovak ethnography, 1940s-1950s2015 History and anthropology 26 (5): 619-38
  • Jan Grill
H6 [HISTORY-]0275-7206
'You can't escape from it. It's in your blood': naturalizing ethnicity and strategies to ensure family and in-group cohesion2015 Ethnography 16 (4): 373-93
  • Noel Clycq
H6/KF [ETHNOGRAPHY-]1466-1381
'Does the girl think of nothing but food? Food as a marker of unhomeliness, inauthenticity and violence in Zoë Wicomb's October2015 Food Culture and Society 18 (4): 645-57
  • Antoinette Pretorius
H6/KF [FOOD-]1528-9796
Postcolonial theory and Sámi archaeology - a commentary2015 Arctic anthropology 52 (2): 81-6
  • Anna Källén
*H6 [ARCTIC-]0066-6939in thematic section on Sámi archaeology and postcolonial theory
Anthropology, feminism and evolutionary biology: is acceptance of a biological basis to behavioural differences between men and women compatible with a feminist political stance?2015 Irish journal of anthropology 18 (2): 138-43
  • Anna Poloni
H6/KVC [IRISH-]1393-8592