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Water mamas among the Makushi in Guyana2020 Folklore 131 (1): 34-54
  • James Andrew Whitaker
H6/KF [FOLKLORE-]0015-587X
Water mamas among the Makushi in Guyana2020 Folklore 131 (1): 34-54
  • James Andrew Whitaker
H6/KF [FOLKLORE-]0015-587X
The management of indigenous Caiçaras: an agricultural practice in the Lavrado of Roraima, Brazilian Amazonia2019 Mundo Amazonico 10 (1): 187-207
  • Carlos Machado Dias Jr.
  • Ludmilla Verona Carvalho Gonçalves
  • Sonia Sena Alfaia
2145-5082English and Spanish summaries
How can we live well together? Macushi conceptions of well-being and nature2019 Archaeology and anthropology (Georgetown) 23: 67-86
  • Joel D. Thompson
*H6/KUL [ARCHAEOLOGY-]0256-4353
Knowledge to politics: process, product and its effects on indigenous wisdom materialization in Serra da Lua/Roraima2019 Revista de antropología (São Paulo) 62 (3): 679-709
  • Alessandro Roberto Oliveira
H6/KUL [REVISTA-]0034-7701English summary
Magic darts and messenger molecules: toward a phytoethnography of indigenous Amazonia2019 Anthropology today 35 (2): 13-17
  • Glenn Shepard jr.
  • Lewis Daly
H6 [ANTHROPOLOGY-]0268-540Xin special issue 'Ethnography of plants'
Romancing the stone: Ka'pon and Pemon perspectives of Guyana's mineral landscape2018 Archaeology and anthropology (Georgetown) 22: 4-24
  • Daniel G. Cooper
*H6/KUL [ARCHAEOLOGY-]0256-4353
“There’s no environment here (yet)”: indigenous politics of knowledge at the Brazil-Guiana border2017 Etnográfica: revista do Centro de Estudos de Antropologia Social 21 (2): 247-68
  • Alessandro Roberto de Oliveira
H6 [ETNOGRAFICA-]0873-6561English summary
On body languages: a transversal study on the symbolic treatment of the body among Venezuelan Amerindians2016 Revista española de antropología americana 46: 71-95
  • Alessandra Caputo Jaffé
H6/KUL [MADRID-]0556-6533English summary
Around uses, definitions, and limits of the concept of miscegenation2016 Habitus: revista do Instituto Goiano de Pre-Historia e Antropologia 14 (2): 199-212
  • Melvina Araujo
in special issue 'América Indígena: processes of mediation and resignification I'; English summary
Material culture and cultural memory: the Makushí case2014 Archiv für Völkerkunde 63-64: 258-65
  • Claudia Augustat
H6/KF [ARCHIV-]0066-6513in monographic issue 'Indigenous heritage: Johann Natterer, Brazil, and Austria'
Archaeological survey at Karanambu, northern Rupununi, Guyana2014 Archaeology and anthropology (Georgetown) 18 (1): 1-18
  • Gerard Pereira
  • Louisa Daggers
  • Mark G. Plew
*H6/KUL [ARCHAEOLOGY-]0256-4353
Encountering nature through fieldwork: expert knowledge, modes of reasoning, and local creativity2014 Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (New Series) 20 (2): 218-36
  • Laura Rival
H6 [JOURNAL-]1359-0987French summary
I dream of having a large truck to put everybody inside and spend a month in one village, another month in another, to create a collective culture2014 Mundo Amazonico 5: 253-9
  • Jaider Esbell
in special section 'Mira - artes visuales contemporáneas de los pueblos indígenas'; English summary
Beyond the natural: indigenous women's contribution to making the world2009 Archaeology and anthropology (Georgetown) 16 (1): 1-29
  • Bianca A. Siravo
*H6/KUL [ARCHAEOLOGY-]0256-4353
Archaeological survey along the Rupununi river between Karanambu and Yupukari, southern Guyana2009 Archaeology and anthropology (Georgetown) 16 (1): 43-54
  • Gerard Pereira
  • Mark G. Plew
*H6/KUL [ARCHAEOLOGY-]0256-4353
Missionários da consolata aqui e na África2006 Habitus: revista do Instituto Goiano de Pre-Historia e Antropologia 4 (1): 559-77
  • Melvina Afra Mendes de Araujo
English summary
Weaning practices of the Makushi of Guyana and their relationship to infant and child mortality: a preliminary assessment of international recommendations2006 American journal of human biology 18 (3): 312-24
  • Janette Bulkan
  • Jillian Milner
  • Peter Ehlers
  • Warren Wilson
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]1042-0533
Entre dois estados nacionais: perspectivas indígenas as respeito da fronteira entre Guiana e Brasil2005 Anuário antropológico (Rio) : 35-49
  • Stephen G. Baines
H6 [ANUARIO-]0102-4302English summary
The Janus-faced shaman: the role of laughter in sickness and healing among the Makushi2005 Anthropology and humanism 30 (1): 55-69
  • Laura Scherberger
H6 [ANTHROPOLOGY-]0193-5615
Perception and management of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) diversity among Makushi Amerindians of Guyana (South America)2000 Journal of ethnobiology 20 (2): 239-65
  • Doyle McKey
  • Laura Rival
  • Marianne Elias
0278-0771French and Spanish summaries
Linked loci in chromosome 1 (FXIIIB, HF, PEPC) and their variability in Brazilian Indians1992 American Journal of human biology 4 (5): 573-7
  • J Kömpf