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Running away from the palace: Chinese eunuchs during the Qing dynasty2017 Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society (Series 3) 27 (1): 143-64
  • Melissa A. Dale
H6/KW [ROYAL-]1356-1863
In the absence of fieldwork2016 Anthropology of the contemporary Middle East and Central Eurasia 4 (1): 56-96
  • Pedram Khosronejad
H6/KW [ANTHROPOLOGY-]2211-5722with inventory in Iranian in appendix
Men, women, eunuchs, etc.: visualities of gendered identities in Kassite Babylonian seals (ca. 1470-1155 B.C.)2016 Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research 376: 121-50
  • Serdan Yalçin
H6/KW [AMERICAN-]0003-097X
Royal eunuchs and elite masculinity in the neo-Assyrian empire2016 Near Eastern Archaeology 79 (3): 214-21
  • Omar N'Shea
H6/KE [BIBLICAL-]0006-0895in special issue 'Gender archaeology'
Visualizing masculinities: the gale, hegemony, and Mesopotamian iconography2016 Near Eastern Archaeology 79 (3): 156-65
  • Ilan Peled
H6/KE [BIBLICAL-]0006-0895in special issue 'Gender archaeology'
Yang Liangyao's mission of 785 to the Caliph of Baghdād: evidence of an early Sino-Arabic power alliance?2015 Bulletin de l’Ecole Française d’Extrême-Orient 101: 177-241, 401, 405
  • Angela Schottenhammer
H6/KWY [ECOLE-]0336-1519French summary
Jesuits and eunuchs: representing masculinity in late Ming China2012 History and anthropology 23 (2): 199-214
  • Mary Laven
H6 [HISTORY-]0275-7206in special issue 'Rethinking encounters, ethnography and ethnology: continuities and ruptures'
Use of objective correlative for expressions of the 'self' in Kamala Das' 'The dance of the eunuchs'2012 Oriental anthropologist 12 (1): 209-15
  • Dipali Sharma Bhandari
*H6/KF [ORIENTAL-]0972-558X
Hijras, the last eunuchs2011 A4: Magazin für aussereuropäische Kunst und Kultur Afrika, Australien, Asien, Amerikas [indexed selectively] (13): 36-45, ii-iv
  • Gert Chesi
H6 [MAGAZIN-]1817-2091English summary
Skeletal effects of castration on two eunuchs of Ming China2010 Anthropological Science 118 (2): 107-16
  • Hong Zhu
  • Jacqueline T. Eng
  • Quanchao Zhang
On the invisibility of the emasculated2010 Anthropology today 26 (1): 1-3
  • Richard Wassersug
Containers of power: eunuchs and reliquaries in Byzantium2007 Res 51: 108-20
  • Bissera V. Pentcheva
*H6 [RES-]0277-1322
Il Guerriero di Capestrano fra antropologia, paleopatologie ed arte2006 Archivio per l'antropologia e la etnologia 136: 183-95
  • Luigi Capasso
H6 [ARCHIVIO-]English summary
Intertextual sexuality: parodies of class, identity, and desire in liminal Delhi2005 Journal of linguistic anthropology 15 (1): 125-44
  • Kira Hall
H6/KK [JOURNAL-]1055-1360in special issue 'Discourse across speech events: intertextuality and interdiscursivity in social life'
Geographies of contagion: Hijras, Kothis, and the politics of sexual marginality in Hyerabad2005 Anthropology and medicine 12 (3): 238-70
  • Gayatri Reddy
H6/KGT [BRITISH-]1364-8470in special issue 'The ills of marginality: new perspectives on health in South Asia'
The Zheng He voyages: a reassessment2005 Journal of the Malaysian branch of the Royal Asiatic Society 78 (1): 37-58
  • Geoff Wade
H6/KWY [ROYAL-]0128-5483
'Who's the man?': Sex and gender in iron age musical performance2004 Near eastern archaeology 67 (3): 128-36
  • Theodore W. Burgh
H6/KE [BIBLICAL-]1094-2076
The hideous trade: economic aspects of the [manufacture] and sale of eunuchs1999 Paideuma 45: 137-60
  • Jan Hogendorn
The eunuchs: some observations1989 Journal of the Indian Anthropological Society 24 (3): 244-50
  • S R Mondal