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Violence and violation are at the heart of racism2019 Critique of anthropology 39 (1): 12-51
  • Christopher Davis, (Kit)
  • John Hartigan jr.
  • Peter Wade
  • Pnina Werbner
  • Soumhya Venkatesan ed
H6 [CRITIQUE-]0308-275X
Producing ‘internal suspect bodies’: divisive effects of UK counter-terrorism measures on Muslim communities in Leeds and Bradford2019 British journal of sociology 70 (1): 261-82
  • Madeline-Sophie Abbas
H6/KF [BRITISH-]0007-1315in thematic section 'The social impact of terrorism and counter-terrorism'
Income inequality, poverty, and fear of crime in Europe2019 Cross-cultural research 53 (2): 163-85
  • Johanna Kallio
  • Mikko Niemalä
  • Pietari Kujala
H6/KF [BEHAVIOR-]1069-3971
Moving us nowhere: the politics of emotion and civility in the wake of the Quebec City massacre2019 Canadian ethnic studies 51 (1): 1-24
  • Philip S.S. Howard
H6/KUB [CANADIAN-]0008-3496French summary
Politicizing the fear of crime in decentralized Indonesia: an insight from central Lombok2019 Southeast Asian studies 8 (1): 99-116
  • Yogi Setya Permana
H6/KWY [SOUTHEAST-]0563-8682
Sorcery and negotiating economic agency: a critical observation from Solomon Islands2019 Oceania 89 (1): 89-103
  • Michael Spann
H6/KX [OCEANIA-]0029-8077
Drone warfare in Waziristan and the new military humanism2019 Current anthropology (Supplement) 60 (19): S77-S86
  • Hugh Gusterson
H6 [CURRENT-]0011-3204in thematic issue 'Cultures of militarism'
Fuel of fear and force: gasoline's energetic power and its entanglement in composite ethics2019 Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (New Series) 25 (1): 140-59
  • Amy Penfield
H6 [JOURNAL-]1359-0987in special issue 'Energy and ethics?'; French summary
"As if his heart died": a reinterpretation of Motecuzoma's cowardice in the conquest history of the Florentine Codex2019 Ethnohistory 66 (4): 623-45
  • Rebecca Dufendach
H6/KUB [ETHNOHISTORY-]0014-1801in thematic issue 'Mesoamerican experiences of illness and healing'
Red zone blues: violence and nostalgia in Guatemala City2019 Ethnography 20 (3): 359-78
  • Katherine Saunders-Hastings
H6/KF [ETHNOGRAPHY-]1466-1381in special issue 'Ethnographies and/of violence in Latin America and the Caribbean'
The ambiguities of fear: ethnograhic analysis about insecurities in a slum in Cordoba, Argentina2019 Etnográfica: revista do Centro de Estudos de Antropologia Social 23 (1): 27-47
  • Marina Liberatori
H6 [ETNOGRAFICA-]0873-6561English summary
Psychological maladjustment mediates the relation between remembrances of parental rejection in childhood and adults' fear of intimacy: a multicultural study2019 Cross-cultural research 53 (5): 508-42
  • Abdul Khaleque
  • Abigail A. Camden
  • Amanda N. Faheerty
  • Andrea Zoroja
  • Ania Filus
  • Anita Vulić-Prtorić
  • Artemis Giotsa
  • Behire Kuyumcu
  • Brien K. Ashdown
  • Carrie M. Brown
  • Dario Bacchini
  • Francisco Machado
  • Gülçin Karadeniz
  • Joanna Roszak
  • Julie Lee
  • Kishor Roy
  • M. Alamgir Hossain
  • M. Kamal Uddin
  • Márcia Machado
  • Maria C. Miranda
  • Marisalva Fávero
  • Nilgun Gregory
  • Raffaella Perrella
  • Renata Glavak-Tkalić
  • Ronald P. Rohner
  • Rumana Aktar
  • Sadiq Hussain
  • Saeede Daneshmandi
  • Samar Zahra
  • Sana Gul
  • Scott Harris
  • Siyi Chen
  • Tatiana Melendez-Rhodes
  • Theodoros Giovazolias
  • Vincenzo P. Senese
  • Xuan Li
  • Yun-Joo Chyung
  • Zahra Izadikhah
H6/KF [BEHAVIOR-]1069-3971
Landscape in anticipation of the other: ethnoethology in a deer hunting landscape2018 Journal of ethnobiology 38 (1): 71-87
  • Meredith Root-Bernstein
  • Natalie Forssman
*H6 [JOURNAL-]0278-0771in special section 'Feral dynamics'
Affective atmospheres of terror on the Mexico-U.S. border: rumors of violence in Reynosa's prostitution zone2018 Cultural anthropology 33 (1): 58-84
  • Sarah Luna
H6 [CULTURAL-]0886-7356
Social class, symbolic domination, and Angst: the example of the Norwegian social space2018 Sociological review 66 (3): 623-44
  • Andreas Schmitz
  • Lennart Roselund
  • Magne Flemmen
H6/KF [SOCIOLOGICAL-]0038-0261
Dangerous neighbours: sorcery, conspicuous exchange and proximity among urban migrants in northern Mozambique2018 Africa 88: S31-S50
  • Christian Laheij
H6/KY [AFRICA-]0001-9720in supplement 'Urban kinship'; French summary
The Palestinian knot: the 'new anti-Semitism', Islamophobia and the question of postcolonial Europe2018 Theory, culture and society 35 (3): 99-120
  • Monika Bobako
H6 [THEORY-]0263-2764
What do you fear? Anti-immigrant sentiment in Latin America2018 International migration review 52 (1): 236-72
  • Achim Kemmerling
  • Covadonga Meseguer
Snake, water, saying an assay of commentary on the relationship between misogyny and the fear of the uncertainty2018 Journal of folklore and literature 1: 177-96
  • S. Yetkin Işık
English summary
La mirada vigil: la percepción de la noche en el mundo humano2018 Archivos 16: 121-76
  • María Cristina Dasso
H6/KUL [ARCHIVOS-]1668-4737
How the politics of fear generated chaos in South Sudan2018 African affairs 117 (469): 613-35
  • Daniel Akech Thiong
H6/KY [AFRICAN-]0001-9909
Lives opposed: perceptivity and tacticality in conflict and crime2018 Social anthropology 26 (4): 487-501
  • Henrik Vigh
H6/KF [SOCIAL-]0964-0282in special section 'Tactics as ethnographic and conceptual objects'; French summary
Facing the talking snake: witchcraft, anxiety, and sense-making in interwar Belgian Congo2018 International journal of African historical studies 51 (2): 219-41
  • Benoît Henriet
*H6/KY [INTERNATIONAL-]0361-7882
Rethinking empathy: emotions triggered by the Holocaust among the Muslim-minority in Germany2018 Anthropological theory 18 (4): 456-77
  • Esra Özyürek
Between municipal management and sorcery uses of waste. Cameroonian institutions faced with "sorcerers covered with refuse" (Garoua and Maoroua)2018 Cahiers d'études africaines (231-232): 913-38
  • Émilie Guitard
H6/KY [CAHIERS-]0008-0055in special issue 'Face à la sorcellerie'; French summary
Intimacy and distance: indigenous relationships to country in northern Australia2018 Ethnos 83 (1): 185-205
  • Amanda Kearney
H6 [ETHNOS-]0014-1844
Reply to Crivelli et al.: the different faces of fear and threat. Evolutionary and cultural insights2018 Journal of human evolution 125: 193-7
  • Larissa M. Straffon
  • Mariska E. Kret
H6/HB [JOURNAL-]0047-2484
Rejoinder to Kret and Straffon2018 Journal of human evolution 125: 198-200
  • Alan Fridlund
  • Carlos Crivelli
  • James A. Russell
  • Jose-Miguel Fernández-Dols
  • Sergio Jarillo
H6/HB [JOURNAL-]0047-2484reply to M Kret and L Straffon, see this issue 181-92
The specter of the 'arrivant': hauntology of an interethnic conflict in Afghanistan2018 Asian anthropology 17 (3): 165-84
  • Andrea Chiovenda
  • Melissa Chiovenda
H6/KW [ASIAN-]1683-478X
Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia in the Netherlands: concepts, developments, and backdrops2018 Journal of contemporary religion 33 (2): 175-92
  • Slipco Vellenga
H6/KFO [JOURNAL-]1353-7903
Ebola's would-be refugees: performing fear and navigating asylum during a public health emergency2018 Medical anthropology 37 (6): 514-32
  • Benjamin N. Lawrance
H6/KGT [MEDICAL-]0145-9740in special issue 'Technologies and materialities of epidemic control'
Menstruation experiences of South African women belonging to the ama-Xhosa ethnic group2018 Culture, health & sexuality 20 (6): 704-14
  • Anita Padmanabhanynni
  • Jeannette Steenkamp
  • Labeeqah Jaffer
H6/KGT [CULTURE-]1369-1058French and Spanish summaries
Oversight2018 Ethnic and racial studies 41 (12): 2144-60
  • Gil Anidjar
H6/KD [ETHNIC-]0141-9870in special issue 'Islamophobia and surveillance: genealogies of a global order'
The figure of the fanatic: a rebel against Christian sovereignty2018 Ethnic and racial studies 41 (12): 2161-78
  • James Renton
H6/KD [ETHNIC-]0141-9870in special issue 'Islamophobia and surveillance: genealogies of a global order'
Good Jew, bad Jew... good Muslim, bad Muslim: "managing" Europe's others2018 Ethnic and racial studies 41 (12): 2179-96
  • Topolski, Anya
H6/KD [ETHNIC-]0141-9870in special issue 'Islamophobia and surveillance: genealogies of a global order'
Islamophobia and the making of Latinos/as into terrorist threats2018 Ethnic and racial studies 41 (12): 2235-54
  • Amina Zarrugh
  • Luis A. Romero
H6/KD [ETHNIC-]0141-9870in special issue 'Islamophobia and surveillance: genealogies of a global order'
The "Căluş" ritual within community2018 Anuarul Institutului de Etnografie şi Folclor ‘Constantin Brăiloiu’ (Serie Nouă) 29: 307-17
  • Inouţ Semuc
H6/KVQ [ANUARUL-]1220-5230English summary
How the politics of fear generated chaos in South Sudan2018 African affairs 117 (469): 613-35
  • Daniel Akech Thiong
H6/KY [AFRICAN-]0001-9909
Anthropology of law, fear, and the war on terror2017 Anthropology today 33 (1): 26-8
  • Laura Nader
Francis Huxley (1923-2016)2017 Anthropology today 33 (1): 28-9
  • David Napier
The lingering effects of thought reform: the Khmer Rouge S-21 prison personnel2017 Journal of Asian studies 76 (1): 87-105
  • Angeliki Andrea Kanavou
  • Kosal Path
*H6/KW [JOURNAL-]0021-9118
Political and military (mis)use of humanitarian action and aid: since the end of the Cold War and the onset of 'the War on Terror'2017 African study monographs supplementary issue (53): 85-101
  • Masako Yonekawa
H6/KY [AFRICAN-]0286-9667in thematic issue 'Localization of humanitarian assistance frameworks for East African pastoralists'
From sickness to history: evil spirits, memory and responsibility in an Ethiopian market village2017 Africa 87 (2): 387-406
  • Tom Boylston
H6/KY [AFRICA-]0001-9720in thematic section 'Evil spirits in Ethiopia': French summary
'It be hard just existing': institutional surveillance and precarious objects in the northeast rustbelt2017 Ethnography 18 (2): 153-74
  • Tali Ziv
H6/KF [ETHNOGRAPHY-]1466-1381
The strange birth and continuing life of the US as a slaving republic: race, unfree labor and the state2017 Anthropological theory 17 (2): 159-91
  • Pem D. Buck
"When the sun rises I sleep": the ambiguities of public sleep among young Brazilians on the street2017 Journal of anthropological research 73 (3): 355-80
  • Marit Ursin
H6 [SOUTHWESTERN-]0091-7710
Personal reflection: finding a world of 'us' through chronic pain and fear2017 Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford (NS) 9 (2): 251-2
  • Emma Anderson
  • Sarah Grace Black
H6/KF [OXFORD-]2040-1876in special issue on anthropology matters, especially in times of crisis
The munitions worker as trickster in wartime Japan2017 Journal of Asian studies 76 (3): 655-74
  • Benjamin Uchiyama
*H6/KW [JOURNAL-]0021-9118
Pain, fear, and circumcision in boys' adolescent initiation ceremonies2017 Cross-cultural research 51 (5): 435-63
  • Alice Schlegel
  • Herbert Barry III
H6/KF [BEHAVIOR-]1069-3971
The lives and sexual risk behaviours of rural, closeted men who have sex with men living in Montana2017 Culture, health & sexuality 19 (1): 121-34
  • Amee Schwitters
  • K. Ann Sondag
H6/KGT [CULTURE-]1369-1058